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SRAM goes pro...


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Don't agree scotty.  SRAM has proven that they can handle the MTB market, so the road market shouldn't be that difficult to handle.

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FanieFiets2006-11-08 23:51:44
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Sram is doing what Bill Gates does. He uses us to test drive his operating systems and to find the faults.


I am a Shimano fan as they make excellent all rounder equipment and do not discriminate against beginners. Campagnola is for the excentric cyclists who thinks this finicky groupset will make him go faster.


Shimano makes excellent MTB groupsets and is STILL the bestseller. Sram is only making inroads because they offer cheaper OEM parts to the bicycle companies. Shimano sells much more over the counter groupsets than Sram could ever dream of, the same goes for Campagnola(only in road groupsets as they were incapable of manufacturing a dependable MTB Groupset) . This will dearly cost Sram in the end. 


Shimano also make excellent fishing reels and yes the parts do exchange with my Shimano groupsets. Their drag wheels on the reels are the same as the rear derrailleur wheel on my Deore!!!!!!
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Still to early to tell. I would be hesitant to ride something thats only been around for a short time.


I did some major research into groupsets and its offerings..Campag is  by all means top notch for most cyclists...and its the most expensive & you will pay..I know this because I used it before & very reliable as well


Sram ---- very innovative but as Scotty said too early to tell ,,,But with both of the above its about looks & lightness...

believe me soooo many have it but it's worthless when it comes to them riding their bikes...looks looks looks....


Shimano...what can I say..against it or not you got to admit they got the market by the short & curly's...reliable / smooth & & & & so say what you will...


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