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Easton MTB wheel-sets?


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Im seriously considering getting a pair of the <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Easton wheels, but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? Ive done searches and read the MTBR & CRC reviews, but there isn?t much written about them yet. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


So I was wondering has anyone on the hub used them, or own a pair and what feedback could you give on them.


I have read is that there have been problems with the bearings on the XC1 wheels, so I was leaning more towards the Havoc wheel-set. As the bike I have is more for having fun and messing around on, rather than XC racing, im not too concerned about the weight, and the 20mm front hub gives me some flexibility in the future.


Any other wheel sets you guys could recommend? They would have to be disc compatible (6 bolt int.), and tubeless would be nice, but it?s not too serious. Also looked at the CrossMax SL?s 2006, and the DT XR 1540?s. But they cost a lot more! Any custom builds you could recommend?



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How are those Stan's rims? Worth getting? I have seen a couple guys riding them, and they feel super light.

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How are those Stan's rims? Worth getting? I have seen a couple guys riding them' date=' and they feel super light. [/quote']


I've got a set of the 29'er rims and have seriously abused them over the last year and a half (I mean these things have got miles on them, as you well know) and I am still loving them, just wish he made the 29'ers in the Olympic style not just the ZTR. Can't use them with rim brakes though, I don't think the braking surface is all that good.
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Stans wheels are awesome. Especially if laced to DT Hugi 240S hubs.


I have two sets, the Olympics with a Cannondale SI Lefty front hub and XTR M965 rear, rode the Epic and Sani2C on them and still going strong. I did however ding the rear rim beyond repair on said Epic but it was a rather large rock..


The other set in the ZTR 355 and these are laced to the DT hugi rear hub and fron to t Wodman Lefty Bill front hub.


1304gr and 1367gr respectively..

without tyres and cluster of course


Either DT revs or Spaim CX-RAy spokes are must havesbut not important.The ubiquitous DT Super Comp works well too




Oh the reason fr the thread, Easton MTB wheels are the same as Velomax MTB wheels with different decals. Hubs are great apparently and freehub is Shimano XTR (?). Pretty bomb proof but heavier than the Stans Notubes kit.
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The Easton wheels are awesome! I was invited to a seminar about them, hosted by the distributers, Brad Hunter, the owner of Easton's wheel division and founder of Velomax wheels, which as we all know was taken over by Easton. Spoke about the quality control and the tolerences these wheels are built to and its quite mind bogglling!!! The back up service is second to none and the quality in the first place is unbelievable!

Hence they give such a good ride!


The Stan's rims are good but the have to be built by a competent wheel builder, to result in a strongish wheelset. I have a set on my bike, they are super light but thats also a downfall, because they're not as strong as they could be...
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