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Please help me decide


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After spending hours searching, moaning, phoning etc. for a bike in the +- R5000 range (new & second hand). I finally came down to 2 bikes that give you real value:


Hatfield Cycles offer the Mongoose with a Rock Shox Tora for about R5100.

I haven't found a shop that sells the Giant but maybe someone can order one.(do anyone know this bike or where to get it?)


I just wanted some opinions on my decision! What other bike offer great value for this price?


I did look at the GT avalance 1.0 but for some reason I want Discs.


Any suggestions please guys!




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Personally I'd try get the discs as well.


I don't know the spec of these bikes, but those are all solid manufacturers, so you can't really go wrong with any of them.


I'm not much help am I? Just pick your fav colour Wink
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Although the color is important it's not as important as how you will feel on the bike riding it . Take a test drive on each bike and then go out and buy a Raleigh .

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Confused Now if Kevin and Mannie are happy on them why should Malkoppie not be ? LOL


But if you really only looking at the two bikes in question then the XTC would be a good choice . I am not to sure the bikes will have the same specs in the shop as the ones on the web but assuming they are then it will definitly be the Gaint for me . Shimano rules !

The Suntour shock also got 120mm travel which is great if you got a bit of weight to carry around and/or you really ride serious technical stuff .
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Is there a choice? Get away from that solo life, break free and get a real life by going double up.

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Good idea but it's a real @#@ cycling on your tandem all by yourself !!!
Hey its not my fault if no-one likes youWink
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I like the idea of going tandem, specialy when i hit the downhills;)


Thanks for the posts guys. I went to Bruce Ryneke today and they said that they import from Australia and that they can only get the 2007 models Cry

And the I went to Hatfield cycles and took the Mongoose for a test driveSmile

and was impressed. The only thing is i swopt the TORA 130mm for a XC TORA with 100mm travel and a lock-out.

The guy said its a allrounder bike, very strong frame! hydraulic discs.. Can do some jumps, do some downhills etc and XC.

So JA thanks alot alot people. Ek koop more oggend. Sal mar laat weet hoe gaan dit vir as jul belang gestel het.probz ni. TA.


Mampara whats the price on your Raleigh?


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