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Valverde and Fuentes.......


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The press makes me sick, they probably pissed off now because Valverde wants to go to T-Mobile.


I wonder when people are going to get over the fact that some people are just a few bars above the rest when it comes to talent.


I can't stand it when the press come with allegations and boo haaa! but no proof or evidence to back up what they are saying. It is all speculation and maybes. Come with proof like in the Tyler Hamilton case. I was a fan of Tyler but the dude was clearly guilty. If you don't have proof rather shut up!


Basso and Valverde will own them all this year!!! Unf!!


Hopefully I havent turned this one over into another useless debate LOL


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I was more interested in the Basso - Nike deal lower down on the page. Remember Lance's "people ask what am I on" ad, can already see the sequel, just got to get Basso fluent in English, who cares, make one for Italian TV!

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I am surprised that Valverde has been able to escape without being condemned in the same way as Ullrich and Basso.  There does appear to be plenty of circumstantial evidence linking Valverde to Fuentes.  He is after all very old school and out of the Kelme academy of drug abusers, so there would be no real surprise.

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