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Off the shelf Carbon vs custom Ti


which huh?  

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  1. 1. which huh?

    • That TCR Advanced thingy off the shelf
    • Uber Custom Ti that the factory calls you about at 8pm

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as per the question...


it should be a no brainer but it's tough choice since the darn Giant is a really brilliant machine.

The Custom is my own design, tubes, profiles, geometry, and a bit risky.


Trust my own genius or someone else's??


oh make the headache stopp
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Usually I would say "go custom", but in this case it's not quite so simple.


Have you ever designed a frame before (and had it built)?


Do you have any reason (other than healthy self-confidence) to believe that your design will be better than an off-the-shelf frame, or at least will suit you better?


If you can answer 'yes' to these two questions then go for it, otherwise go off-the-shelf.

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Ti...you know it...it calls you...the smooth metal lines, the exotic craftsmanship of a welder working on your machine, the smooth satin finish of brushed metal with minimal decals that has eyes wander over it 10yrs from now with the look of 'The owner was an individual...he knew what he wanted..'

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I was riding behind a new Giant at Killarney and thought..."hey, it's the new Giant"..and it passed. Everytime I see a Serotta or a Seven, I take a second look and think.."lucky bastard"...doesn't even matter if the bike is 10yrs old...everytime I see a old Litespeed with yellow decals I go "he rides that bike today, because nothing else compares to the feeling"...


...it is a good feeling Mr. Ti
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DoI know what I'm doing??!



Do I understand what each dimention means to performance? YESBig%20smile


Am I confident that the design will d what I want?Hmm YES!Big%20smile


But Dr Fats is appealing to the snob in me. Those lithe metalic lines, hmmm yes those perfect C's at every junction, metalling flowing like water, taking the one true welders path..


Vs popped out of a mould.


seems so cold


but even Bikes that come out of mould have a need to be lovedCry

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but even Bikes that come out of mould have a need to be lovedCry 
Thats why you have a Cannondale...now go...send those dimensions to the welder, and let us behold the beauty when she arrives...
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anybody know anything about Douglas? this one goes for only $1399. I know they are made in the US and is Colorado Cyclists house brand.


Mampara2007-02-12 08:16:54
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Surely if the bike maker knows his 'craft' you can tell him what sort of bike you want (stiffness, responsive, comfort etc) and then input all your measurements and you have a perfect bike. If this was in the same price range of the giant I know what I would go for...


however if you test ride a giant and you think it feels twitchy you can always buy another bike!
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That Douglas looks awefully similar to a Litespeed...



Who will build my bike....



If you want an Italian, you get a Colnago or a Pegoretti


If you want a Carbon bike, you probably want something made in the East.


If you want Aluminium then the folk in Bedford Pennsylvania are the ones to call..


If you want a Ti, there can be only 1 company
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Back to the Douglas.


That bike has the G.E.T top tube of a LS Tuscany,

The Downtube of an older Vortex

an oversize seat tube as used on allcurrent LS

and Merlin Stays...


Befinately build by the boys and girls in Chattenooga, Tennessee
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