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Statistic looking for accident


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Why do some cyclists think that the sun rises out of where they sit?


This morning, at 5am, a cyclist with no lights or reflectors was came past me on Hendrick Potgieter. Although I  knew that he was in front of me I could not see him at all. How are cars suppose to avoid him?


I am riding with two flashing white lights in front and two red ones behind and I still feel vunerable.
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Agree with Cervelo, that road is not what it used to be especially with all the added traffic and the markings on the road just confuses. You should go out to Kromdraai, Muldersdrift roads. Or just ride up and down Hillsnacks, to hell with that flat road in any case.  

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Point of post was that some cyclists give themselves even less chance than normal by having no lights.


I can see cyclists going up the road 1 km from my house if they have the red flashing lights at the back of their bike.


Normally ride in Northcliff , Parkview, etc. Thought that a change was good for my soul and being that early there would be less/(no) traffic.


Also thought it would have less climbing as my legs are sore from my first gym session in four months. As it turned out we climbed as much as we normally do for a hill session.



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if you have 2 flashing lights, change one to be on permanently.


you cannot accurately see the position if the light is flashing ... it messes up depth perception, as it is not on long enough
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