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CT Cycle lanes update


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Cape Town?s Integrated Rapid Transport System: Media Site Tour
NO. 267/ 2009
07 MAY 2009

Members of the media were taken on a guided tour of the City of Cape Town?s key Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system construction sites this morning (07 May).


..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah ..... blah THEN WE GET TO THIS GEM OF INFO.........

Milner Road, Otto du Plessis Intersection
Here the IRT lanes will turn off the R27 (from the Milnerton side) left onto Milner Road, where they will proceed along the old Railroad Reserve towards the N1.

At this site it is possible to get a good view of the construction that is underway. Here a cycle lane, planting lane as well as IRT lanes going in both directions are under construction.

Due to the Milnerton Informal Traders trading on this site over weekends the area for the cycle lane and planting lane (for vegetation) has been made narrower, allowing an extra 1.3m for the traders.

The R27

Along the R27 it is possible to see the IRT trunk and cycles lanes under construction. In two small sections between Boundary Road and Woodbridge Island, and along the Milnerton Lagoon there is not enough room for IRT bus lanes in both directions, for this reason there will only be an IRT bus lane South bound, towards the city.

The rest of the route will allow for IRT lanes in both directions as well as the cycle lanes and a planting lane separating cyclists and pedestrians from the traffic lanes.
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Those traders are behaving like a bunch of chops.




They have always know that there was a servitude on that road and now they cry when a cycle lane is to be built on it.




Earlier in the year when I spoke to one of the site foreman on that part of the route he said we would have a three meter cycle lane ... they have now reduced that to 1.7m then!




They choose the wording in the email very well by saying that they are giving back 1.3m to the traders from the cycle lane without stating the obvious of what we are left with.




The next question arrises. Now that they changed the size of the lane did they follow the correct public participation procedures as I can only imagine that they had done this previously and the then plan was approved.




Not happy. 1.7m is still doable, but the principle is not acceptable.





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 ' allowing an extra 1.3m for the traders'

Nice to see where thier priorities are!

WTF? Angry
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what bothers me is the intersections. Its very nice to have cycling lanes when everybody (cars, trucks and bicycles) move parrallel in the same direction. At intersections this change and all over CT the cycle lanes simply dissipear. WTF! This is exactly where we need protestion! What is more, Do they plan to make a physical barrier between the cycle path and the normal road surface? Painting a lane on a normal road suface is simply not good enough. Impatient drivers uses hese as a way to get past the que.

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Impatient drivers uses hese as a way to get past the que.





That's what SPD cleats are for...

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