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MTB Ouride - GP South


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Just a quick look-see from everyone.  Want to organize a nice MTB LSD on Monday, 9 April in Alberton.  Minimum distance of about 50km, but this will include a halfway stop for coffee.  The distance will/can be extended if all participants feel like it.  None technical ride.


Let me know so we can get out there!


Time: 07:00


Directions to parking for ride:


  1. Take R59 South towards Vereeniging.
  2. Take second offramp, Swartkoppies Road.
  3. At the top of the offramp, turn right.
  4. At

    the 4th robot (this includes the robot on the offramp back onto the

    R59) you turn left in Overbury Street (open veld and nursery on other

    side of Overbury)

  5. Continue to 4 way stop, and turn right into Rae Frankel street.
  6. Continue to first stop street (3 way stop) and turn left into De Waal Street.
  7. Park at small shopping center on right side.



OK, so far:


ewep (+2)




TheThug (tbc if he can find his passport)


Bored Girl (if survived)


ewep2007-04-04 05:22:29

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Do I need a passport ? LOL


Can't commit at this stage as I need to see what the training plans are for the weekend.


Will probably do a 100k ride around Breedtsnek / Buffelspoort dam on either Friday or Sat, so if anyone would like to join us (ave speed around 19/20 km p/h) let me know & I'll keep you informed.



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Thought I could catch up on my multi-talented sports friend, MTB, AR, Cliff jumping, running ai ai ai!


Makes me feel a bit inadequate just riding along. Also could have of course shown off a carbon fibre bit or 2! Anyway maybe next time.
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All righty then,


So from where and at what time ?


Can you please give us Northerners directions to the "from where" part for those who have never ventured into Alberton !



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i'm gonna have to bail on this folks... 1) dunno if my arm's gonna be better yet (damaged muscles) Ouch and 2) don't have a car anymore to get there Cry

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