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  1. Hi Hubbers It is with tears streaming down my face that I post here today. I have been putting it off because I have just been too emotional. It's been a long time since I have been on here, a very long time. The Hub used to be my home away from home. I cant not say that the people I have relationships with in my life that I met on the hub are friends, as they are more than that they are my family. Some in more literal ways than others as my hubby Zaskar has already mentioned, we met on the Hub. Barry was family!!, the family that you, in recent years, don't see often enough but keep in touch with via social media and at the occasional event, but family enough to be part of your life. To recall the many rides and events (24hours and breakfast rides) etc that we all used to go on is just too many. I miss those days!!! the laughs ..... oh man the laughs, Barry was always the comic relief, not cause he tried but because it was natural. I mentioned to Zaskar last night that I think (cant really remember) the last time I saw Barry face to face was at Mark Stockton's (fellow fallen Hubber of old) funeral, we cried together and hugged and promise that we would get together more often, but life got in the way and we never did, oh how I regret that now. I'm am saddened to think that the reason I will see some of my Hub-family again will be at Barry's funeral, but alas it is to be so. I will miss my friend and "brother", until we meet again!
  2. Hi I have some stuff to donate, some kit spares etc. Anyone know where I can take it or want to take it off my hands for a good cause? Thx
  3. Hey Hubbers It's been a long time since I've been on here, let me start by sending my thoughts and prayers to Cherise and their families. Then let me add that in light off what's happened Shaun is starting up Sign-Up Cyclists Safety Initiative again. Let's put our money were our mouths are by doing something immediately and that is by contributing to this worthy project to increase awareness. Come on hubbers, in memory of Burry lets support any initiative that will improve the lives of all cyclists on our roads!
  4. Yip guys and Girls awesome place to go and get away. I would say not just for families but for couples as well,or a group of boys or girls wanting to get away. The non riders will realy enjoy going for walks and enjoying the general beauty out there. We had a great time. The chalet is great and so comfortable, sitting outside on the covered patio after riding (and the rest of the time actualy) was so nice and relaxing. The riding is great and you can really keep yourself busy the entire day, criss crossing the roads in search of game and some beautifull views, there are some technical places, some of the rocky downhills are scary, but fun none the less for those who like to get the adrenaline flowing. Overall I had a great time and we will most defenitly be going back (a few times) next year. And thanks Gustav for the use of the little motorcross bike, i had an absolute gass of a time, zooting around the farm on that little thing, man that was fun!!
  5. WOW such shocking news, was so upset when i received the sms from Zaskar this morning. To Kurt and the rest of the Stockton family, my sincerest condolences, if there is anything we can do ...... Mark, You will be greatly missed, esp at the crit on Tuesdays!!!! R.I.P Mark!!!!!
  6. hey guys and girls. thanks Nancy that's an awesome idea. We will definitely make space for food donations!! Oh and Holy I'm sure you can bring the kiddies with to ride, I need someone to wait for me on the ride See you all there
  7. here is an idea for the wrapper problem. Why don't the gell companies stop supplying these things in little wrapper sachets??? Make them only available in those little plastic bottle thingy's like the wasp brand has. That way, if you want to use a gell, you have to pay a little more to get the bottle, which you will think a little harder about throwing on the side of the road. that won't just stop the problem at SBR but at every race and every mtb park/facility and every other road used by a cyclist? These suppliers are contributing to the problem, so that would be a real nice move on their part! I will most definitely support a company that does its bit, and getting rid of these little troublesome packets once and for all surely makes sense??? Also in terms of the road where everyone goes the wrong way, can't we put another boom and a guard at that point??? I will rather pay a little extra on my entry fee to put this in place, rather than use the use of the reserve totaly! Just an idea! amateur2009-10-07 06:28:12
  8. thanks for the gels and drinks last night Pornstar, really good!!! what flavour was that drink?
  9. whaa ha ha ha ha (*evil laugh*) Don't hate the playa, hate the game!!!
  10. good luck chucky, we'll be thinking of you!
  11. I understand why Aranda is asking the question, yes the best way to learn is to go ride with a group, but this group might not know that you are new and there to learn so you end up being shouted at and that makes it an unpleasant experience and you tend not to go back. Aranda if you can find a group to ride with, let the guys know at the start that you are new and there to learn, otherwise find someone experienced to go with you and point out the do's and don't's whilst in the bunch. otherwise some basic points are: - hold your line, the rider behind you can see in front of them so he can make his way past you. - if you want to go past someone don't just look behind you as if you are new your bike will probably follow, stick your hand out to indicate you want to come out and pass (don't slap someone of their bike though). most of the times someone will see this and they will tell you it's fine to come out in front of them, then look first and then go. When you are more comfortable you can start being a bit more risky - also warn the rider in front of you that you are going to pass, that you are passing left or right, if you just say passing, people want to get out of your way and might turn in front of you - if you are going to drink you tend to slow down or stop pedling (well most beginners do), take your bottle out first, hold it slightly out so others can see you are going to drink and then proceed. Come on guys little helpfull hints like this is all she needs to make this a pleasant experience.
  12. hey guys wolvie that's a wonderfull idea, thanks for always volunteering to arrange these things! if the 'Animal Shelter' wins the poll, then I'm sure FORA would be more than thrilled with the idea. I tried to organise one last year, but the roads in that area is pretty hectic in terms of traffic so I was trying to get a contact at Metro to help out with authorisation at least that we could do it, but I had no luck. I will try again and see what I can do and see if we can get this sorted. But just confirm what the winning charity organisation is first! Cherio
  13. Another option is going through Linden onto Barry Hertzog and then into town that way, maybe a little out of the way but maybe a bit safer as I agree with Mampara the roadworks over the highway by Gordon is a bit messy at the moment, also it'll add some km's which is always good! You can PM slowpoke, she used to cycle into Braamfontein from Bromhof and had a few options on routes, I'm sure she can help you out with some ideas. amateur2009-07-14 03:55:03
  14. Condolences to his Family and friends!
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