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Bicycle Trainer (MTB)

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I am running out of time in my day to ride....hence I want to train indoors later at night or early in the morning.


I want to purchase a bicycle trainer for my MTB.


Please give comments?  Good for frame, bad etc etc??


Next: what trainers do you suggest?


Thanks for the help!!Big%20smile


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Yeah, me to, but tried it last week, it's not fun, could only stay on the IDT for 20mins before I got off and swore never to do that to myself again. My advice is, get some lights, and do some night rides, will sharpen your other senses and reflexes!!


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Hmm not many replies yet! Probably because this topic has been discussed a few times before, HOWEVER....let me refresh


Yes IDT is not lekker, that is untill you get used to it (ja ja ... if you get used to it). They are really good for doing short quality specific work outs - short can be anything between 1/2 n hour to 2 hrs. The secret to IDT is to have a training plan. Dont just sit on it and ride without a goal, then you will get bored.


You will also need to get a fan to help keep you cool, some good music and a means to listen to it (MP3, i Pod, portable CD / DVD) or whatever to create your own "scenery".


You should not have any problem with regards to damaging the bike, the only item that is going to suffer is the rear tyre (wears out quicker) and anything that can rust from sweat (you need to protect the bike with a cover, specialy in the headset / stem region (Buy a shower curtain and cut it to fit the bike covering the metal bits).


As to what type, that depends on your circumstances, things to consider are noise levels (are you going to ride in the lounge, garage, verandah, passage....) and resistance adjustment (you want it to have a good variety of resistance levels that are reasonably realistic and allow a smooth pedal action). Fluid or magnetic fan types are better than just a fan type. Rollers are good for improving other skills such as balance, pedaling technique but have limited resistance capability, unless you buy one with a magnetic resistance (not easy to find).


I have used and can recommend the Cateye CS1000, but there are more modern and quieter IDT's availalble nowdays.


And then there's my new machine...



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Orca, you clown, it looks like one of those bikes that just keep on pedaling once you stopped, my legs almost got ripped off at a spinning class, they should warn a person Ouch


My Recommendation is the NiteRider FireStrom and can be bought from Williams Bike Shop


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What's the brake for? Confused

Expecting some taxi's in the lounge Question


Nah thats just for looks and to practise braking like a real bike.....



Listen the rear wheel is flippin heavy (solid steel?) and yes there is no free wheeling (fixed cog like a track or spinning bike) so if you want to stop quickly without dislocating a hip or ankle that brake would be the prefered way to slow down.


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Marius do you go on night rides ?


Maybe the hubbers should organise a group MTB night ride.




I imagine that riding on the road at night is too dangerous although I have been on some rides at 5am in winter when you can't see 2 feet in front of yourself it's so dark.


Scary, yet you feel hardcore.

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HAHAHA, have not been on a proper NiteRide in ages Hype, only been doing Road training and starting to get home when it's dark outside already with only my little flashing lights on, tha't why I got the "proper" lights. We use to have NiteRides every Tuesday at Majik Forest from 7pm I think, but not sure it that still happing.


I've seen some roadies 3-5 in a group with lots of lights trainign together on the road, you can't miss them on the Silo's road, think they have the right idea.
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rock and i usually ride in tokai on a thurs evening, leaving at 7pm from the Reddam shopping centre parking lot. everyone welcome to join

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