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Marvuli - A Happier Story


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A few weeks back there was a great deal of bedwetting over having to wait for an order from Marvuli (who advertise on the Hub).


So, seeing as bad news stories are usually trumpeted but good service usually is not, I have decided to add some balance.


I ordered a Fizik Arion saddle from Marvuli  for a price that worked out at around 2/3 of the regular retail price.  I got the saddle today.  Yes, it did take a little longer than if I had walked into the LBS, but unless you know with absolute certainty that you will get something within a specific timeframe from any online retailer, go to the bricks and mortar store if timing matters.  This applies whether you're buying from Marvuli, Kalahari.net or wherever.


Emile at Marvuli kept me up to date with progress throughout.


I'm a happy bikemonster.


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Hey Bikemonster, what is scary is that you are upgrading again!  How am I ever going to catch up if you keep on sticking shimy bits on your plastic fantastic?! STOPITNOW!

I am still tempted to get those Ksyrium ES's on Marvuli cause it is a steal, but then I have to take it to my LBS to get the cluster fitted and that will feel kinda cheap.


But it's such a good deal!


Thanks for the honest feedback.
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Guest Big H

Well done OcTaLL, keep on building on success and learn out of you mistakes...... but NEVER forget them!!!!!!

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