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Winter Warmth

Hairy Legs

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Hi All




So my daily commute starts between the hours of 05:15 and 06:00 with a


? 45min ride on the bike to work. As I am sure you have noticed it is


getting COLDER in the mornings.




I have been looking at some cycling jackets and most seem to be a very


thin shell with the obvious heat release/escape flaps and vents ......


will this keep me warm and dry (It is winter and I will be riding no


matter what the weather) or will I still have to rely on multiple


layers of clothing below this jacket.




Prior to this I have just been using a normal lined jacket but it is


bulky and can get a bit hot under the collar if the mercury is not


that low ..... not to mention forms a perfect sail when the wind is


blowing .... and the wind always blows.




Further to this ... fleecy arm armwarmers and leggins .... comments


and maybe something to keep my close cropped head from freezing in the






Any practical and past experience RE clothing welcome. Quick drying


items that are compact when stored will be highly valued.







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I'm currently looking at the Thermalator underwear from Cape Union Mart. I also commute and don't want to carry a jacket home in the afternoons.


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Just out of interests sake guys - how far do you commute?


Oh and Hairy Legs - for your head, CapeStorm sell a type of bandana thingy/skull cap for R40 bucks - covers the whole head and desinged to keep sweat out of the eyes. It's elasticised - and should help to keep the head warm.


At that price - buy it, use it/don't use it...

Works really well as a sweat-aid... 
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I also cycle to work in the winter:




Go to sportmans warehouse and buy yourself 2 longsleeve "second skin" shirts from the surfers department. Cost about R100 each, but than, if you go to Mr Price Sport, you will get the same thing for R79.00.




You get 3 different Arm and leg warmers:


The normal thin ones


Ones that was "sewn" (gebreide materiaal) from LOOK


And ones with that fleeze in the inside.




If you wear the surfers skins, cycling shirt and your rain jacket, you should be fine.

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Check out www.firstascent.co.za. Their clothing is top notch and perfect for layering. I've used it for adventure racing and it works like the dogs bollocks, especially the Powerstretch material. A bit pricey but worth every cent and lasts for years. Besides, local is lekka. And there CapeStorm as well.

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I don't use one, but you could try a Buff thingy - seems quite versatile.


Fox make a nice rain jacket, as does Specialized - totally water proof. The only problem being that they don't breathe well.


For the cold - try a wind shell, and possible an undershirt - remember - layers are your friend.


It was rather chilliy this morning - going to have go get my ear warmers out soon.


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Thanks for all the info guys.




Average days commute only ?25km in and 25km out of town ... real world

factors to considerd. YOU ARE ALWAYS CYCLING INTO THE WIND one way and

in winter by some freek of nature I can swear that it would get me both

ways. Wind + cold + water = not too pleasant riding conditions.








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