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Staying in the Zone

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I am having big time trouble staying in my heart rate zone. Today in a ride which lasted 1h15min I managed to only stay 30 mins in my zone and this was mostly on downhills or literally crawling along to get the heart rate down.


The rest of the time I am way out with a higher heart rate.


My zones are 126 to 148 and I find I consistently seem to ride between 154 and 164.


Am I just unfit or is there a secret to riding in your zone?
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Make sure you have calculated the correct training zones based on your ability, idealy this should be based on a "field test" which determines your true Lactic threshold and / or max HR.


126 - 148 bpm on average would entail relatively easy to moderate effort for the average fit male cyclist.


If your zones are calculated correctly and this happens consistantly then it sounds like you are riding harder than what you should be.


Sometimes you need to go slow to go fast....




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Muxman - I suggest you have a chat to Bikemax or Bruce - have had the same HR response when I trained and raced - you need to understand what you real HR zones are as it relates to your FTP and only then can you train in the right zones


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Thanks Swiss this explains a lot. The word Moderate did it for me, I have checked my Program on my HR monitor and it is set to Moderate, I have reset it to Hard and the Zones have changed more to what I normally ride.

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