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trip computer


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hey all... i want to get myself a trip computer, nothing to fancy just total distance. average speed, time etc, what make and model should i look at, i dont have lots of money to spend i wish i did...




thanks for any advice....

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Cateye is quite decent and sigma is'nt to bad either, you can get an entry level sigma for under R200

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I use a piece of software called Sports Tracker on my Nokia. It works like a bomb.


Maybe you could get something similar on you SE.
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Cateye is the best. To my knowledge (and I've checked lots of them), it is the only brand that offers a manual start/stop funtion.


Most others are automatic. So every time your bike moves, the computer starts itself up. Its a pain when moving forward in start shutes and even more of a pain when your race is finished and every time you move, your computer starts up. You have to physically remove it to prevent your race stats from being messed up.
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