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Not good news for Cannodale Lefty owners


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Lefty Speed Carbon SL and Lefty Speed DLR 2 Forks

Bethel, CT - Cannondale has voluntarily issued a Safety Recall Notice with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The products affected include any 2007 and some 2008 mountain bikes equipped with either Lefty Speed Carbon SL or Lefty Speed DLR 2 forks. If your bike is equipped with one of these forks, stop riding the bike immediately and take it to your Cannondale dealer for required service.

?Rider Safety is of paramount importance to us,? says Chris Peck, Vice President, R&D at Cannondale. ?Anyone who owns one of these bikes should have it inspected by an authorized Cannondale dealer immediately. As a safety precaution, please have it inspected prior to your next ride.?

Cannondale has learned of an error in the assembly process of these forks which may allow the telescope assembly of the fork to completely separate. ?The origin of the problem is an improper application of a thread locking compound to the damping cartridge. The result is that the lower half of the assembly could potentially unthread and slide out of the upper sleeve,?

?Riders should know that this is not a design flaw. This is an assembly error.
Lefty product has been on our high performance mountain bikes for nearly a decade. It is race-proven at the World Cup level and has passed the highest testing standards in the industry when manufactured correctly,? says Peck.

Cannondale dealers have been notified of the recall and have been equipped with the proper inspection and service procedures. Additionally, Cannondale has put additional CPSC approved, manufacturing quality control steps in place to ensure that future Lefty forks are built correctly prior to bicycle assembly.

For information on specific bicycle models affected, the notice will be posted at www.cannondale.com or call the company at 1-800 BIKE USA in the US, or Europe +41 61 487 93 80 or email servicedeskeurope@cannondale.com

source: Scott Struve, Cannondale.com

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NOt good news??!


Thats brilliant news!!

No we can score a free service from the LBS!!!Big%20smile


all this just to check that a spot of loctite was added during assembly. Gotta love the yanks
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Any truth to the rumour that they have also discovered that "right handed" riders seem to fall off more often as well!Big%20smile

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There must be a shortage of loctite in the US - I had the same issue with my Maverick - someone forgot to make sure something was on tight enough.

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