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Shimano vs Sram - Road


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Hey guys,


Wondering if anyone has recently moved over to SRAM groupsets having ridden shimano for a while.


Keen to know what the key differences are and whether the cross over is pretty easy or not.....and would you recommend Sram or is Shimano still the better bet?


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Prefer Sram - Lighter, and more precise, easy to set up, don't constantly need to adjust, cool lever features, smaller hoods, brakes are awesome.


Although small ring trim on Shimano gets one point.


I reviewed my force group early on here http://nevcragg.wordpress.com/2009/09/26/leap-frog/ and I've been more and more impressed since then






Tarmac-GSTR2009-12-17 07:57:12

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I am currently on a SRAM cycle. I've used Shimano on both MTB and road bikes and have used Campagnolo Record and Veloce on my road bikes.

SRAM is excellent and is certainly on par with the others offerings.


I would certainly no go back to Campy now that its' 11speed and I do love the cross compatibility of the Sram and Shimano cassette's.



In terms of functionality, I can't say either Campy or Shimano or SRAM is better than the other from a shifting or braking point of view. The differences are so small that after one ride, you adapt and its business as usual.


What I have found is that I prefer SRAM at the moment because the ergonomics suits me more than the other two manufacturers ergonomics.


Ergonomics is the only area where there is a noticable difference to feel.


Of course all three have different ways to effect a shift. Shimano has a hinged brake lever for the downshift, coupled with a tandem paddle for the upshift.


Campagnolo uses a tandem paddle lever for the downshift and a thumb button for the upshift.


SRAM uses a tandem paddle for effect both down and up shifts.


When switching from any one manufacturer to another there will be a period of aclimatisation, typically one ride


I am very happy with my SRAM Force. Excellent value for money. Lighter than Dura Ace, at half the cost
GoLefty!!2009-12-17 08:14:58
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GoLefty!, can you safe your comment and just paste it everytime this subject comes up.




I like this part "In terms of functionality, I can;t say either Capmy or Shimano or SRAM is better than the other from a shifting or braking point of view. The differences are so small that after one ride, you adaptt and its business as usual."

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I have both on my bikes (and also Campy on a loan bike!).  The change from Shimano to SRAM is easy and intuitive.  One ride and you are OK.  I find switching to Campy more difficult because the small lever works exactly in tho opposite way on Shimano and Campag.  With SRAM it's a lot easier to switch from Shimano as the shifting is similar.


I prefer SRAM, but the new Dura-Ace also shifts great.  Can't go wrong with either.


One area that I do love Campag is multi-downshift.  Man; just rrrrip and you are three gears down.  SRAM and Shimano still lag there.
Willehond2009-12-17 08:21:13
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I ordered a SRAM red gruppo for a new road bike I was building up and have been riding it for about a year now. Previously I was on Ultegra for a number of years.


On the SRAM, I really like the feel of the levers and hoods, the light overall weight, the extremely precise shifting, the amazing brakes (power and modulation) and the awesome looks (personal preference!)


On the Ultegra, I like the fact that it lasted so long with absolutely no admin at all.


Imo, SRAM shifts better on the front - even while changing when standing (under power) on hills. The rear doesn't shift quite as amazingly under power, but it's still pretty much up there with the best.


I'm so impressed with SRAM I'm about to replace an aging XTR MTB gruppo with SRAM XX...


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I think you will find that SRAM' date=' Shimano and Campagnolo all feature multiple downshift capability.[/quote'] OK, explain how you do that with Force?

(Just for clarity:  I mean going to a heavier gear not lighter.)Willehond2009-12-17 08:24:50
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You take the lever move it past the upshift gate and hello' date=' you have 3 downshift gates...


Simple really.

OK then, let me rephrase:  Shimano and SRAM cannot do mulitple upshifts (if your upshifting means going to a heavier gear).  They can all do multiple downshifts though (if your downshifting means going to a lighter gear)
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As you see I prefer the terms (L)ight and (H)eavy to (L)ow and (H)igh to make it easy on myself.


I won't even start on trying to remember my (L)eft from my ®ight...
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