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North shore style bridges


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If one where to build a couple of these, where would the best place be to get the wood as cheap as possible?

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"If you go into the woods today...."


Sorry Embarrassed


On that note, the North shore that Meurant built at Delvera is outstanding... just a pity I was so hungover on Sunday that I could only managed the first meter before bailing. Hangover = Zero balance Thumbs%20Down
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Call a wrecking company (those okes that demolish buildings) and ask.  Might get 2nd hand roofing timber?  Find a place that you can collect used wooden pallets. 

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I'll add to what Velouria said though....there's a sawmill a short distance

outside Hermanus. They usually have plenty of offcuts.


A couple years ago we bought some off them for a race in Hermanus. Built a 50m long boardwalk through a marsh for like R250 or something.




MintSauce2007-06-07 01:11:36
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Awesome, love the skinny and the small step! Logwood got a thing or two to learn!!


Just need to get some material, got one or two spots up here in mind for it.


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Materials should be selected, installed and maintained for durability, strength, riding predictability, aesthetics and environmental acceptability.

Select durable wood that is naturally resistant to moisture, decay, sun, heat, cold and insects. Some examples include redwood, cedar, white oak, cypress, locust and manzanita. There are also several environmentally friendly commercially treated woods that are extremely durable and weather resistant.

Don't use wooden pallets, scrap lumber, plywood, soft woods such as pine, or other inappropriate materials that will quickly deteriorate or become unstable.

Don't use dead trees, logs or stumps unless they are sufficient size or type of wood to withstand deterioration. Certain types of weather-resistant dead wood can be used if properly prepared by removing bark to prevent decay and following all construction guidelines.

Do not use living trees in any way.

Rough-sawn or hand-prepared wood will blend into primitive locations better than commercial lumber

from http://www.imba.com/resources/trail_building/wood_guidelines.html

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I know IMBA warns against using packing crates or pallets as a wood source' date=' the wood tends to be cheap and since its untreated will rot and break under some unfortunate cyclist. So rather use treated pine, will last much better under exposure to the elements.

Here's a link to how to build a North Shore style bridge



I can vouch for that Desertbob!


Very good point - and it needs to be emphasised! I spent years as a student earning extra money in an industry that made extensive use of pallets. Trust me - the wood used is about as cheap as one could get. I seriously doubt its suitability for any kind of high impact that would result from the activities one would normally associate with North Shore...


If however you are left with no choice but to go with pallet wood, then serious reinforcement would need to be the order of the day, and this would have to be coupled with regular inspection of the course - which ultimately might just make going with more expensive, treated wood from the beginning, the better option...
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