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Contermanskloof mtb trail


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Hi, where can I find more info on the Contermanskloof mtb trail? I'd like to try it this weekend. I know where it is, but do you just arrive, pay the permit and ride? How difficult is the route(s)? How long is the route? And is the trail marked? thanks.

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I am the wrong person to give directions so I will leave that to another hubber.




Trails are marked. Take Caution of the Yellow sign showing a cyclist falling into a crevice.




30Z.A.R gets you in. If there is nobody at the hut by the dam then please make use of the honesty box.




Bring your climbing legs and lots of water it is hot.




This trail needs more people on it to bed some of the newer sections. Should be great in the beginning of winter.




Take time out to enjoy the views.




I hope you know how to ride tight switch-backs. If not you will know after riding Contermanskloof.




If you have the legs and time it would be great to link contermans / Hillcrest / Majik for a bit of mileage on predominantly Singe Track.

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Hi Desi,


Not so difficult to find...went out to find it on Tuesday with a very vague idea of where it is. As the other posts say, from Bothasig circle (accessed via Plattekloof or Milnerton), turn into Tiekiesdraai. Go past the new Checkers and petrol station. U will pass through a set of traffic lights and the next tar road left is Contermanskloof. Take that, go past the quarry, all the way until you get your first tar road on the right. It is marked as Contermanskloof Rd and there is a small silver sign signalling Contermanskloof MTB trails. Head up towards the kloof until you see Contermanskloof Farm on the left (you will see the dam and huts being built there) As you pass thru the gates you will see a parking sign and a small wooden bridge on the left marks the start of the route.


Be careful if you go all the way up...the switchbacks are pretty steep coming down. Plenty of climbing and tough route in the galeforce SE, but route has lotsa single.


BTW: Signs were a little confusing, so a route map will help at some point. I decided just to take the most direct route up (one is also led to believe that one should climb some of the single track sections, but I don't think that is the intention). Goal is to climb to the top of the radio masts if ur fit and head down from there!


Route needs to be ridden in more to get better...so hopefully more riders will be out there to do so! Be careful on the chicken run too...some rocks in the way!


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LOL .. the chicken runs .. chicken run no. 2 will still have people being chicken riding down the ... well. .. chicken run. smiley1.gif




The trail designer has a good sense of flow and you always feel like you are having fun going down.




Rate this as one of my top places to ride. It just needs to bed down and in winter when it is greener out there will be spectacular.

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What is it with your names down there? TIEKiesdraai????




I'd be a lot more concerned about CONTermanskloof myself.

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