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Help Please! Chain jumping

Cycle Fan

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Hi guys, I need some advice/help please. I recently bought a new frame and components but ever since the build, my chain keeps jumping when in the middle gears. Does it when I'm in small and big blade. Taken it back to LBS twice now. They've replaced the cables but keeps doing it.


Any suggestions?


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Was the chain also replaced? Any sticky links?


Chain, cassette, FD, RD - all new. JUst bought a new crank & BB which needs to be fitted. Hoping that might sort it out.


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Crank and BB won't fix it as it cannot cause it. You do not mention new chain rings? Based on the list of new items this would be the most likely culprit/s

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Thanks guys. Chainrings aren't new (but will be with then crankset).


I'll ask my LBS to look at the stiff link.


Thanks for the help!


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try this! rear derailleur barrel needs to be adjusted...

turn 1/8 at a time, then pedal and shift through the gears till you find the sweet spot.


did the trick when i had the same issue.  cable tension needs to be fine tuned after a couple of rides with new equipment or cables.


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