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No-Name Carbon Frame - My Latest Roadster Creation


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Here is my latest creation


It's running Ultegra Triple, with an 11-27 rear and came in at 7.14kg (complete - everythnig except pedals)


This is (I think) the same frame as Apricot Jam is selling - fantastic quality - 1,100g for the frame, and 300g+ for the un-cut fork


Light weight was not the priority (it is a triple afterall!), but I'm quite pleased with the weight - especially since the Shimano 10-speed flat-bar controls (trigger shifters and brakes) are Heavy - I think it would be lighter with road bars! And, if Shimano go 10-Speed MTB, I think those shifters would be much lighter

No Name Carbon Frame

Pro Lite Bars

Planet-X (Kiwi) Stem

Bontrager Race-Lite Wheels

Michelin Pro Race 3 Tyres

Hope Bottom Bracket

Ultegra 6700 52-39-30 Crank

Ultegra 6700 GS Rear Derailleur

KCNC Seat Post

Planet-X Saddle

Shimano 'Special' Flat Bar Front Derailleur

Shimano 10-Speed Flat Bar Trigger Shifters

Shimano Flat Bar Brake Levers

Planet-X Brakes


And that's about it!
levett2010-03-23 11:09:44
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Slap some road bars on it and a double crank and you got one light stead! Way cheaper (and probably lighter) then many branded bikes out there.keith2010-03-24 01:30:42

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nice bike but WTH is that thing in the back ground? Do you take you own porta-potty to races?

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That frame really looks nice. Maybe I might just get one end of this year for the road season.. MTB season is upon us now!

Looks very nice though Levet.


That is the ugliest Caravan thing Ive ever seen though!LOL
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