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Ibis Mojo HD

Iwan Kemp

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I'm fortunate enough to be in the process of building a new Ibis Mojo HD. For those of you who haven't heard or seen, have a look here: http://www.ibiscycle...ountain/mojohd/


Admittedly up to now I haven't held on to a bike for too long. I like riding all sorts of bikes - live and learn they say. But I am tired of my ways and have decided to buy a bike that I will hang on to for as long as it and me will/can keep going.


That in turn motivated me to grace it with parts that I won't feel need upgrading any time soon. Obviously as far as budget allows!


The brief for the frame was easy: light but stiff and strong, 6" travel, 12mm maxle rear axle and at least 67 degree HA. Now there at lots of bikes that foot most of the bill, but the light is the problem. So I was over the moon when Ibis finally announced the release of their 160mm beast. Under 3k's for a large frame (medium should be around 2.9 with shock), 67 Degree HA, 160mm of DW-goodness, maxle...it's all there.


Anyway I'm making a longer story than Bos! Most of the parts have been ordered and are either on their way or waiting in the shed for the frame to arrive. Like my fellow HD addict (http://www.thehubsa.....asp?TID=80878) I have decided to get the thread going for the simple reason that I cannot wait any longer!


My name is Iwan and I am an Ibis bike porn addict. So here we go...

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Top Posters In This Topic

My build looks like this:




Fork:.............RS Lyrik Solo Air DH with Tapered Steerer


Shock:..........Fox RP23 (Stock)


Wheelset:.....Industry Nine Enduro laced to Flow rims


Headset:......Chris King


Handlebar:...Spank Spike 777 (cut to 740mm for now)


Stem:...........Spank Oozy 60mm


Brakes:.........Formula The one with 180mm rotors




Shifters:.......SRAM XO GripShifts


Front Der:....SRAM X9


Rear Der:.....SRAM X0 Redwing




Cassette:......SRAM X0 Redwing


Chain:...........SRAM X0 Hollow Pin


Seatpost:......KS Kobra i950 with remote lever


Saddle:.........Chromag Lynx


Tires:............Maxxis Minion DHF front and rear / WTB Weirwolf / Lots of other stuff


Pedals:..........Superstar Components Mag with Ti Spindle


Weight:..........? Should be somewhere mid to heigh 13k's




Need to do some more thinking about the cranks...

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I'm a roadie but I think an IBIS frame looks awesome.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


Don't worry too much about your porn addiction most of us have exactly the same addiction Wink


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Need to do some more thinking about the cranks...


But we've been over this?! There is only one logical and correct answer, ok, maybe not one but sixc (the C is silent hey)   Wink
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Puhlease! What a load of sentimental BS! You sound like one of those Hollywood couples that pledge their love and promise to be together forever and everyone is surprised when they bust up.Shocked We all know where this is going to end up dont we.LOL In FOR SALE in under a year.


Good luck and I look forward to your next build as well.Thumbs%20Up


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You say potatoe' date=' I say tomatoe...[/quote']

Feel free to call your steed what you want, but I prefer not to name mine after a vegetable. Enjoy your potato!  Wink
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