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Retro Chopper - FinAL pics - posted


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I picked this Chopper up for an absolute steal..

Put her together -

Now - Im going to RAT - ROD her..

So will post pics, She arrived in this sad mouse eaten box

as I strip her and change the Soft looking Chopper into

Something EVIL...20100406_122243_Chopper_001_WEB.jpg

Looking very un chopper like in orange - after I put her together



Now finally =


Detail = Hand stitched leather grips - 6 hours of stitching......


Light and Tool kit "stolen" from - DIK WIEL - EL CHEAPO, BARS from a aold Yamaha ....


Some other pics20100416_031347_Chopper_002_web.jpg


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An hour later -

Now I will strip her again -

Get rid of that "sissy" orange..

She will go MATT BLACK, - and full of SKULLS ---

Any suggestions?
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Nope - its brand new ( had been locked up for a few years in the box in a garage,,,housing mice, rats etc... )


But I am bored, and my wife is overseas for a week

So I want to EVIL her up.... the Chopper that is

Maybe - by the time I start stripping her again - I will like the glossy orange.......
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Did some work .. On her today


Added leather tool bag , skull emblem, skull valve caps..


Next ... Clolour must change ..


Will post pics on Sun



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Original stem was - "C*&%^$^-

Replaced it with a good alu BMX stem..

Took her for a 5Km ride today..

Single speed - Choppers not for sissies....

My legs got a hectic - burning workout - hurt more than any 20 - 30 km Mtb ride....

Got lotsa - thumbs up while riding in my Sendra Boots Jeans and tee...


Will paint her next week and post pics..


The ride is unusual - low sitting position - works the thighs - hard..


A real fun - cruising bike...




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Yep, could not fit the bike on the couch..

so coffee table was next option

I also put her together in the lounge, while my "wife" is overseas..

much warmer than the garage.........

I did the spraying in the garage, tho......


Now I still have 5 days alone - left, - what to do???
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