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ER24 / Sweatsafe band


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Clap This is pleasing. On Sunday morning while out with friends in Tokai, we came accross a mtber who had fallen all of 25m on his way up to the Silvermine gate. We made the call to ER24 (084124). The call was answered within 60sec and an ambulance was dispatched and subsequently received 2 follow up calls to ensure the correct location was found. As this gentleman had friends with him we left the scene but I understand having called today that he was not injured apart from some bumps and bruises and that the service received was top notch. So a big up to ER24........it is reassuring to know that these bands work and the service is there to back them.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Coo. I still need to get one and was feeling Scrooge McDuck to take the "monthly premium" option.


Guess when you need it only then are you grateful you did it.


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Hey guys <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


My best mate took a massive tumble on Sunday at Northern farms (He was released from ICU on Monday night)


He had a sweatsafe and the guys at the call centre were awesome.

At final count, the cavalry that arrived included two ambulances and four paramedic response cars.


All they guys that helped were awesome and it is reassuring to know that the guys at Netcare 911, ER 24 and the Life care response guys are well trained.


Thanks to all the riders that stopped to help, especially the paramedic (Dude, I can?t remember your name but thanks)


It also makes me think that we should carry some sort of first aid kit with us when we go on long rides in remote locations as we could have definitely used some basic supplies whilst waiting for the cavalry - even if it does add a bit of weight!!

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This makes me glad I took this option! Its worth the R70 odd a month! Especially seeing how I do most of my cycling alone, I just hope in an emergency whoever finds me knows how to use it!

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