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S-Works (MTB) owners - Questions

mark ellis

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Hi all


In the process of putting together a plan to buy a 2010 S-works.


Just got a few questions for those who own them.


I have been told:


the rear Brain gives many problems, is this still the case?


The bike requires more maintainence than others?  thinking a bike this price should be maintained to the highest standards any way.


Cost of fixing is much higher than others?  thinking only becase of the high level of components.


Any thing else I should know about before parting with my under worked and over paid money?


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Like an Alfa, when they running nothing could make you happier, when they break nothing could pi$$ you off more

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They all have the brain shock, I had a 2008 sworks, nice bike no doubt about it. I now ride a Merida and I can honestly say that for the price of an Sworks epic I would rather buy the XX Merida 96.

The Merida 96 has remote lock out on the rear shock so you are the brain whihc for me works better. It is also proven to be the stiffest carbon frame avalible and at 9,5kgs complete with pedals it is one of the lightest.


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this is something I have been thinking about as well.


currently riding Merida 96 3000.


was thinking about spending the cash on it and upgrading to xx and a few other things
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Merida and Spesh come out the same factory.

I recon the best spesh bike on the market is the Stumpy, I had an ali stumpy and the bike was a dream it was so much fun, if you look at the smwork stumpy you got a go anywhere do anything bike that is 110% race worthy.


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I am currently in the market for a high-end bike with XX.


Decided against 2010 Spes due to the BB size:


Most crank manufactures are going BB30 route, if you buy the Spes with the SWorks cranks (very nice!) your options in retro fitting is more limited. The cranks or spares are also very difficult to get after market (and I am referring to the USA).


Lastly I would be suprised if Spes does not change the BB for 2011 - you?ll be left out in the cold!


I do think it is a stunning and very desirable bike - cannot comment on the maintenance issues, I have long since abandon duels as a result of maintenance issues.


Note on Merida: I used to be very baised against them (awfull colour schemes), bought a FLX team issue some two years ago and I cannot fault it one bit - you even get used to your bike?s colour. I would consider a Merida as an option.


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Lots of good advice here.As said,specialized is made my merida,in fact merida OWNS 49% of specialized.2 problems i have with the epic.

1.If you buy the s-works be prepared to get nailed when you sell it.Last year they were selling for about 90K.Guys are struggling to get 40K now.

2.I don't like the rear suspension.Every year you hear the same from specialized when they bring out the new epic."THIS YEAR WE HAVE GOT THE BRAIN SORTED"

I agree with everyone,the stumpy is the best in the range,the old design tho,not the 2010.



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Any special reaon why you want such an expensive bike with rather unique technology (brain shock and lots of linkages and proprietary bits) when you could for far less money do a custom build on a Morewood Zula, for instance?


I saw an awesome one at CWC the ither day, complete with a crank bros telescopic seat post etc ...
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