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What's up with CRC?


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Put in an order (which they don't allow if they are out of stock) and it hasn't arrived so I check - they are out of stock.




Now looking for stuff and sometimes appears that stuff is in stock or out of stock depending on how you search for it...




Something ain't right.

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After 4 years of ordering from CRC I have now taken to just ordering from Chris Willemse. The prices are very good if not better than CRC, the service is awesome and there is no risk at all.




Last week he ordered in an Avid brake bleeding kit for me for 15% less than at CRC before shipping. You can't beat that with a big stick.

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With the except of a crankset (was really really cheap), I had not reason to really want to order from CRC.


Each time there is another round my entire wish list is out-of-stock.


But like ChrisH, CWC is getting my business and also Icycling. (Ironically both where way cheaper that CRC!)


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I shop around locally, most of the bits I get from CRC are sometimes 50% or less of the best local price. Also they are really jacked, I been (shopping) on-line since V.21bis ?and they are tops. ?



kosmonooit2010-05-18 12:45:02

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I also buy most of my stuff from CWC. They carry more and more stock and the prices iare just as good as CRC and most of the time even better. You cant fault the service. Icycling not to bad but does not always have stock. 

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