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Hunter Allen seminar

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I enjoyed it.

I saw new ways of using cyclingpeaks to interpret data.

I also liked the TDF power files of Jens Voight and Christian Vandevelde he showed. Looks like I generate a mere 150w less than Jens at FT Shocked


Would have liked to have some course notes.
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Did it yes.


Was good.  Wish we could get notes.  Copies of the slide show.  By the time I will get my hands on a power meter, the info will be long gone!!! 


Learned a lot from him.
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i found it very interesting. 


hunter allen is great speaker & i am a bit upset that i did not manage to wangle things here at work so i can attend the coaching course as well!



was great to see the power stats of Jens V - it sort of puts things

into perspective of how hard these guys can go when it really matters!


was good to have met bikemax as well.


thanks to bruce for inviting me on a ride with hunter & peter on the saturday morning - it was a privilege & i had to really constrain myself not to bombard hunter with all sorts of questions!  (but then again bruce does not know that his bike has a small blade,  nor does peter,  so there was not much time for talking!)










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Thanks for the feedback guys.  I'm sure Bikemax can put some notes together for everyone!

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Hi all - thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.


Thanks to all for your support - with the sort of numbers we got we will bring him out again for sure.


I will work on some notes for you in the form of the presentations.






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bruce, peter, ditto on the notes, especially the ppt


Otherwise, VERY informative. WKO is a very handy tool to measure one's progress in terms of training and performance. Definately worth the money.


Now all repeat after me: "Training is testing, testing is training"
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Great seminar. Thanks Bikemax!


I learnt quite a few things about WKO+. And the pro numbers were pretty inspiring.


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