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Magic shine Lights on gumtree


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At the rate the entry prices are going up and the price of Magic Lights is coming down, who the heck knows... :rolleyes:

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I find it very funny that Brad from magiclight claim there are fake out there. it is bioned me that someone would go to all the effort of copying a copy. the Mj808 or magic shine 900 unit is a copy of the lupine Tesla, http://www.lupine.de...ghtheads/tesla/ why on earth will someone go to all the effort of copying a copy.... the manufacter does not realy give a dam who they sell it to.


anyways I imported a batch of the lights for my self and some friends the rest I am selling of to cover my time and effort. about 1/5 where DOA( Dead on arrival) which i sent back. i tested ever light, battery and charger and added thermal compound to the LED's. Then i washed all the solder paste of the boards and reassembled ever one personally after i inspected the soldering. I am confident that the light that i sell will last.


I plan to hold some in stock for a few months after winter if one of the lights failed so that i can swap it out for them. but I don't plan to carry it forever so after October i will sell the warranty ones for about cost.


I am going to do the Transbaviaans and made my self and some friends bigger batteries. let me know if you like one aswell.

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I have a set of Ay-Up lights.


I have the V4 adventure kit which comes with 2 lights & 3 battrys. I've been cycling for 20+ years and these are by far the best lights I've ever had. In 2008 I did the Transbaviaans with a set of "Brighter-lights". And Last year with the Ay-Ups.


I can honestly say the Ay-Ups are the best lights on the market.

At 70g you can't even feel it on your helmet and in the night training rides they are always the brightest lights in the group.


Of all the lights I've ever had they also have the most sturdy mount. Do not move at all even in the worst conditions.


The charge time is also relatively quick (about 3hrs)


I comfortable get 9hrs on full beam (they only have one setting - no dim)


I ordered mine directly from Australia and got them in 8 days.


I am in the process of getting a second set for my daughter.

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