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Enter the Contour Dropper post from Lyne Components. The Contour Dropper post features hydraulic internals with external mechanical cables linked to the lever. This results in super smooth actuation and unlimited adjustability along the length of its travel. It also makes internal routing and maintenance a whole lot simpler.

The chaps behind the brand are Cape Town based and have a healthy background in the bike industry. The products themselves are made in Taiwan and all carry a two year warranty. In terms of maintenance, the mechanical components are easily serviceable by a capable home mechanic or at your local bike shop using standard gear cables and housing. The hydraulic cartridge is also replaceable, should it develop any issues over time, at a cost of roughly R600 (exchange rate dependant).

The Contour Dropper post is currently available in four specifications catering for a relatively small range of seatpost diameters, travel and routing options. Our test model is the 31.6mm diameter internally routed post with 100mm of travel. This is currently the only option available in 31.6mm, with more options available to those running 30.9mm. There is talk of a 31.6mm, 120mm travel with external routing scheduled to arrive towards the end of August 2016.

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When looking at any new seatpost getting the length (and diameter) right is critical. In my case, running the 345mm Contour at recommended maximum extension ends up just 1cm short of my ideal saddle height for proper leg extension. No problem for me during the test period on mostly casual trail rides, but for long term use and longer stage races, I’d need something just a fraction longer.

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Out of the box the Contour is an impressive looking, well built piece of kit. The overall appearance and the feel in your hands gives the impression of high build quality.

Depending on your specific frame the experience of routing internal cables may be quite different. In my case routing through a Momsen Vipa XT 2015 involved wool string, a vacuum cleaner, plenty duct tape and a whole lot of patience.

Once the cable housing provided is routed in your frame it’s as simple as cutting down the length as suggested in the installation guide and attaching the cable. There are a few important details to take note of to ensure proper function, but the instructions are easy to follow and concise enough for those who typically don’t read manuals.

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On the trail

The Lyne Contour operates via a simple lever like most other droppers. Push the lever and sit down on the saddle to drop, releasing at your desired level to set the height. To pop back up simply hit the lever again either while standing to return to the fully extended position or guiding it up to the desired level.

The actuation is super smooth and infinite adjustability, thanks to the hydraulic cartridge, is a big plus for what is, on price at least, an entry-level offering. The lever itself is very light and responsive and during testing required no adjustment or reattachment, which makes me question the need for a hydraulic line in any dropper. The post’s return is gentle and controllable making it easy to avoid any unplanned groin crunching. In all positions the Contour dropper feels very secure, both laterally and horizontally, with no movement once set at the level you choose.

Lyne Contour Dropper Post-7.jpgThe standard lever included in the box
Lyne Contour Dropper Post-5.jpgA 1x lever upgrade is also available for R199

Although a fraction too short, for my needs as a stage race and casual trail rider the 100m of travel is plenty, but those with longer travel bikes and more "minerals" might be left wanting. If you're running a 30.9mm seat post then the 120mm internal option should have you covered, but here the limited options do mean not all setups and preferences will be catered for.

After a few months on the Contour dropper post I’m thoroughly impressed. Although by no means a true long term test with two and a half months of riding, I’ve had nothing but dropper post joy from the Contour. It’s been working flawlessly since day one with no adjustments or maintenance (aside from regular cleaning) required so far.

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