Introducing the Specialized Turbo Levo line, designed from the ground up to integrate pedal-assist technology into a dedicated trail riding platform. Unlike some bikes currently on the market, the Turbo Levo is not simply a mountain bike with an electronic drivetrain grafted in as an afterthought, each Turbo Levo is a flagship trail bike, seamlessly integrating pedal-assist capability and range with legendary Specialized MTB DNA, with a focus on the three key elements of handling, integration, and range.




Handling is delivered courtesy of Specialized’s proven trail geometry. Integration comes in the form of a battery and motor that disappear into the design of the bike. Range is provided thanks to the pedal assist drivetrain, allowing riders to go farther with less effort.

When paired to a mobile device through the Mission Control App. (available for both iOS and Android), the Turbo Levo also offers a broad set of features such as Full Pro Navigation, connectivity to other popular apps like Strava & Apple Health. Worried about running out of battery? “Smart Control” lets you choose your destination, automatically adjusting battery consumption, so all you have to worry about is riding.


These bikes are unbelievably and undeniably fun for any mountain biker. For the seasoned trail rider, you will be able to climb faster and rip more descents in the same amount of time as your pedal bike. For those riders that have been injured or whose personal internal “motors” are not as young as they once were, you will be the first among your friends at the top of the hill while able to ride farther to get more enjoyment from the trail. That’s what it is all about, enjoying the trail.




To be clear, the Turbo Levo is a trail bike with pedal assist Turbo Technology, not an electric bike or motorcycle with a throttle. Some riders and trail users may not be as excited that you and your Turbo Levo are sharing the trails with them. Please be aware of the rules and laws of your local trails.

The exciting new Turbo Levo line will be available in Spring 2016.