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  1. Please assist if you can: 1. If you are aware of an excellent "Managing Agent" for body corporates/complex in the Randburg area, please pm me. Preferably a smaller company/office that you know do know their stuff. 2. Our Comb Communication system and the service there off is problematic. So please again pm me if you know off somebody that personally will be able to maintain this for us. I do not want to work with a company that just send one of the technicians out if a problem arise. 3. And while at it, we are looking for a guy that knows Centurion gate motors and gates. Every time we experience a problem, somebody else rocks up and do their thing, but couple of weeks later, problems again. The idea is to find somebody that cares what he does, and again not just a 'technician" from some company. It is obvious that the person in point 2 & 3 could and probably should be the same, but not required.
  2. And while on the topic: - Any suggestions where to take my two daughters (10 &13) to get their MTB fundamentals in place. - Anywhere in Gauteng ok. - Seems the suggestions above more for adults
  3. For a Elitebook with 512SSD only and the rest about the same it is R 50,139 - no wonder you are super happy. But that again is the wonders of our wonderful Rand.
  4. I travel alot and always have a labtop with me for mail, photo's/video, bikehub and basic work stuff. So its time for a new HP. I do not want to change the brand. The problem is that consumer / entry level products is difficult to rate if you do not have all the knowledge and experience. So I'm possibly looking at the following options and need some input on the following: - product value vs price - is the processor ok? vs other that HP uses - Screen size either 14" or 15" - Any recommendations in the HP range - Should I look for a better price and where? - and yes - how log is a piece of rope, but any advice would be great. HP Pavilion 15 i5 1035G1 8GB 512GB Notebook - Product Code 0000000010122901 Price is R16,000 - so not too entry level15'' FHD LED Display8GB DDR4 2666Mhz512GB M.2 NVMe SSD StorageIntel® Core™ i5-1035G1 ProcessorUp to 10 Hours Battery with FastChargeFull size backklit keyboardWindows 10 Home VS HP Laptop 14s-dq1027ni - #23K64EA Price - R 14,000Windows 10 Home 6410th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor8 GB memory; 512 GB SSD storage35.6 cm (14") diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080), micro-edge, anti-glare, 220 nits, 45% NTSC
  5. So a cell tower will be erected some 60 meters from my property. After living here 40 years in a rural area I am not impressed. The unknown is will this have a negative physical (medical, mental and other) effect on me. Lots of opinions on this and I do not want to really talk 5G problems or not. So is this a situation like the tobacco situation way back or are there some current information that living in close proximity to a tower would be really bad for you. Anybody that knows please post or pm me.
  6. 'n Baie goeie valhelm is nie regtig baie belangrik nie - ja, totdat jy op jou kop val. En wanneer jy val is jou kop snaaks genog ook betrokke. https://www.helmet.beam.vt.edu/bicycle-helmet-ratings.html En ja, jy val op reguit platterige paadjies.
  7. Does anyone know if the BB & crank is changed on a Spark 940/2018, to a DUB BB & crank, will the chainring offset still be 3mm or is there something different about the dubb - maybe then 6mm.
  8. Definitief belangstel. Koste dalk probleem?
  9. Thanks for the help. I forgot to mention I use Windows only.
  10. Yes, I did do a search but there are lots of apps/programs and reviews are confusing. I want to do: Go-Pro video editing - insert photo’s, remarks, routes ext. into my videos, same with IPhone videos. Add iPhone videos and photos into go-pro videos sometimes. Then maybe from the same software package, do screen captures and edits from my computer and PDF file editing. Adobe Premiere for example is good and I presume Light room as well. But it seems you really have to study it/ be a pro to be able to use it. I am looking for something that would be fairly easy to use although have enough functions, export file formats and so on, without having a degree in it. Ice Cream APPS for example have Icecream Apps PRO: 6 in 1 sale which includes Screen Recorder, Ebook Reader, Slideshow Maker, PDF Converter, PDF Split & Merge, and Image Resizer. Have no idea if this app company is worthwhile. What I do not need is free software with huge limitations and constant advertisements and safety issues. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Ok - flats it will be for a while. I don't have to, but the benefit should be more than the cost and pain. One brand was suggested, but I was surprised that Shimano should be avoided. Please suggest what brand I should be looking at and why - 83kg's and 11 shoe size for me. Thanks
  12. Been riding for a year. Stuff like Barberton, Sabie - 30 to 50 km's. Major fall because of bad form on a small hump/jump. Still not back. I use Shimano XT with proper clipless shoes. I really enjoy them. So after reading allot, not sure if I should rather restart with flats. It will mean I spend R 3-4k and some more pain and .. Thus my question - is it possible to get to a reasonable level of skill with clipless, or will I forever be just another rider who cannot use his bike properly? (I love to do but do not intent doing downhill racing stuff or big jumps. Like my bike to much and over 50.)
  13. Wic2


    Ek het laasweek met 'n wedren my *#* afgeval. Skroewe in gewrig en my knie, elmboog en skouer seer. Met die val nogal 'n slag gehoor op valhelm. Terug by die huis na dokters ens, sien ek my valhelm is van voor na agter amper orals af/gekraak. Natuurlik heel ongelukkig want die ding was vrek duur. Tog geen kopseer of merk of enigiets aan my kop nie. Die lyf heel ander storie. So die vraag - was die valhelm so goed of was ek gelukkig.? Specialized S-Works Prevail II (MIPS)
  14. Hallo ouens Besluit om die fiets ding te doen. Hopelik sal die sweet die moeite werd wees in gesondheid en pret. Beste.
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