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  1. I cant get onto cyced from the work PC because the draconian wielder of internet censorship sword deems it in-appropriate content for us toddlers working here.
  2. I understood the email to mean only one particular brick and mortar store was closing down
  3. will definitely have impact on the tyres, not sure about the rest.
  4. I could argue on a technicality there, in hatchback form, it is both the base model and top spec model for SA. 🤣
  5. Have a look at any car ad, it’s always the top spec car advertised with the From price of the lowest spec version. but, if you are advertising x version of y bike, and your ad states x version, then put the correct pic.
  6. If it’s a newish XC60 it will stop you before you drive into a cyclist. (At least straight on, it won’t stop you wide swiping them though)
  7. At the time they were also doing roadworks on the highway, I think they were widening it, so it was chaos. we very quickly got new accommodation near the office.
  8. Many many years ago we needed to do a small project over a week at our Cape Town offices at Cape Town station. The company travel agent booked us into a guest house in Somerset west. 60km one way, then tells us it’s right next to Cape Town, only a short drive. not as bad as PE to EL, but certainly not right next door as she described.
  9. Bit of a chilly start but double layers of most things kept me nice a toasty, just my forehead that actually felt the cold. time constraints meant shorter ride than I wanted, but first ride on the road in 4 weeks, legs felt strong, heart rate was indicating I’ve lost fitness.
  10. Had a little chuckle to myself this morning. One of the back roads I use to work as a set of rumble strips, they are slightly higher than normal but if you take them at speed in a car they are hardly noticeable. This morning as I turn into the road I'm behind an Amarok decked out with aluminum canopy, roof rack complete with awning, gas bottle holder and other paraphernalia, we get to the rumble strips and he practically comes to a standstill to go over them. I was chuckling to myself thinking what does he do on corrugated dirt roads.
  11. one of the guys in my area that I follow on Strava posted his ride this morning, warmest -4 coldest -6 No thanks, I dont have the clothing or that.
  12. this is no yoking matter
  13. Everytime I read your updates I'm heartbroken. Your never give up attitude certainly puts other ailments into perspective. Cois you are always in our minds. Sterkte. Incidentally my elderly neighbour has also been going through chemo and radiation and what not over the last few years. 2 days ago I learnt that he had decided to stop with chemo and let nature takes its course. This was apparently in January already, but since stopping chemo he has put some weight back on, is not retaining water, can keep meals down and is feeling better over all. Obviously the disease is silently doing its thing inside him, but he feels that he would rather live fewer days comfortably than more days but being sick and weak.
  14. Every single one of us that gets on a bike weighs up the risk. The risk obviously differs depending on what kind of riding you are doing and where, but there is always a risk.
  15. yeah I'm specifically looking for an impact driver
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