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  1. Don’t your mean the opposite , other wise you get peddle strike
  2. Looking at the size of that saddle bag ..... I think there was a cross wind involved [emoji6]
  3. Last line of the pic 50 % plus active Nike gear and device all come from same pot of 6k for the 12 months Sportsmas total sports is 25 % off a month of 2k . Preferred the old discount from sportsman's since I use to get 45% off per month
  4. They only allow you do use device discount once every 12 rolling month cycle . So in your example per say , one would only have 2k left in the 12 month window Discovery is very sneaky with T&C ,. To maximise with them one really needs to make sure we understand usage policy correctly
  5. You do know that's not how it works right ? 6000 total for 12 months 4k for a device eg 50% off you pay 2k There is a breakdown of the 6k and how it can be split up on devices or footwear or clothing
  6. I don't use it for points so have no idea how it works ,. But it's an option I guess
  7. you can link strava direct to discovery for points now
  8. So what you saying is .... He should sell us the bike for 50k , too create market penetration and interest [emoji6]
  9. Think he was very lucky .since the pole shifted back on contact , otherwise he would have got seriously injured . https://youtu.be/YOFaCoHRF6Y check at 1:20 Saw that now , force was dissipated into the sign
  10. Also the most difficult/dangerous way to fly a chopper ... Low and slow
  11. This is todays active fire areas . You have use the filter function , otherwise it indicates the last 48hrs of fire area
  12. They have changed the way they repost from people's IG accounts over the last few days .....a little more demographic
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