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  1. it's team presentation day today and the TDF thread is not as busy as it normally is..I don't even recall seeing a discussion about the teams TDF kit.. which is really unusual.
  2. So what are you waiting for lol PS I have no idea how that platform works.. but I'm in too
  3. MVDP will be all out to collect as many stage wins as possible in week 1 (or for the first 10 days) as it seems he has already pre abandoned after that... probably go out out to wear all the jerseys he possibly can ????
  4. understandable.. I don't think I'll post much but I do find the COVID information shared informative...
  5. after 4x4 forum was suggested I spent a few days reading the topics and the interaction.. A LOT MORE COVID info on there with good interactions (for the most part).. RR and Vetplant are there, (that I recognised from this here hub.. ) there is actually a lot of topics discussed and seems like there is a community feel to it.. with just a lot more cousins at the party.
  6. Impey is injured/not fully recovered after his crash a few weeks ago.. Same reason he withdrew from the Olympic team.
  7. Woah this is pretty cool.. I've always wanted to hear race radio https://twitter.com/inrng/status/1407053475733819392?s=19 https://www.letour.fr/en/news/2021/enter-the-club-with-le-tour-de-france/1291810
  8. Too much drama.... Just like the week leading up to the start always is.. Aye aye aye.. I'll be very surprised to see Bennett ride for DQS again this year... Its quite clear that that relationship has broken down completely.. Who or what we wouldn't know.. He said..she said.. We wont know ???? Oh well moving on.. Only some sleeps till the grand depart.
  9. Old man Pat not particularly supportive..
  10. Yoh guys those who are near the South Coast.. I suggest you get a line in.. Sardines are full up and the guys are catching a lot of game fish.
  11. Bora had a very good couple of days. 3 RR national champs and a TT champ in there.. Sportful be busy ????
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