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  1. wow,wow,wow Pantani, sorry he slipped my mind completely for some reason, what a climber what a tragedy But "do you even cycling"🙈🙉🙊 Pantani was '98 Ullrich was '97
  2. Can it be the testing? I have heard the french have one of the strictest tests and rules when it comes to doping . Statistics show Russia Italy and France have the highest numbers in Anti Doping Violations: • Countries with the most anti-doping rule violations worldwide | Statista so the more they test the more they catch ? When did an Italian win the TDF last except for 2014 Nibali
  3. if they show it live it should start at 12:40 for Women's race and 15:25 for the Men's race That's the times found at redbull TV
  4. there are some offers for very basic or beginners/ new bike set ups under R300. But mostly it's worth to have a full one done
  5. Google is your friend , if you want professional help look for a place that does online fitting for now and if it's in your area you can probably go there after the Virus has calmed down for a proper session
  6. I have been there at 12 on Sunday to make it back in time for F1 🙄
  7. I am also interested in joining a ride here and there, have not done any of the mentioned ones yet
  8. Hi , I have a vintage bike which is about 90 years old . Got some info that it is either from the late 20's or early 30's It says Pantherwerke on the plaque. Any collectors with more knowledge ? Anyone interested ? I am willing to sell due to relocation
  9. side wall is breaking that's not fixable
  10. How about contacting the organizers, maybe they can send you the file to print yourself ? TELEPHONE+27 82 928 6586EMAILinfo@eroicasouthafrica.com
  11. Have you measured the fore foot angle ? I had similar issues and needed leg length shim on one side and 2° tilt on the other side
  12. 180mm on my crmo Tandem 26" fork
  13. 2 liter spray bottle with 3 drops of dish washing liquid and then hose it down works like a charm for me
  14. Why don't you check the used ones here in buy&sell ?
  15. Normal rails are round with a diameter of 7mm. The carbon rails of many saddles including the S are 7x9mm and need a different clamp but it looks like the Giant ISP is designed to take any 7x rails so you should be fine . Just to be safe ask Giant
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