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  1. Proper Japanese Kamikaze. Someone should tell him the war is over. Him and the captain of the boat at the triathlon.
  2. This is passion! Or maybe a bit too far...
  3. Those okes with the white tri suites.... They should be killed, disqualified or both...
  4. Because wood is so primative... Not finished yet.
  5. So, I signed up for my first Triathlon. (Bela Bela) I should have assessed my swimming beforehand but didn't. So with water's properties and molecular makeup that have changed over the last 20 years swimming seems more difficult and slower with relation to water "in my time". Learning to swim and completing a 1500m course is going to be challenging. Will Bela Bela's water be cold enough to to be wetsuit legal during August? and where do one acquire a bigger triathlon suit?
  6. I'm 100kg. The Asics had a guideline through the middle of forefoot, the tread would wear first next to the guideline and I would have no cushioning in the middle of my forefoot. When metatarsalgia strikes I would change them. (always a bit too late) lateral heel wears too. On the Nikes I have lateral wear on the heel due to heel strike and supination. Tread wears even. I change them when the tread and cushioning is gone.
  7. A bit of useless information. This is my last six pairs of shoes that went into retirement and the km's they did. Note: The nike's with high mileage did treadmill work during hard lockdown. I'm also a bit heavier than the average runner. (Well actually much heavier.)
  8. Are you serious? The British killed thousands in their concentration camps and the Japanese formed the Axis Powers with the Nazis. Please stand up on your chair and apologise to the class.
  9. I was wondering who will complain first, fat people with no calves or golfers..... So who was the crybabies?
  10. jdwet1980

    UCI rules

    Ilnur Zakarin is clapping hands.
  11. I bought aftermarket batteries from aliexpress and installed my own. I stuffed up the first battery (punctured it) and only by pure miracle managed to solder the 0.00001 nano millimeter wires. (Because I also broke a little plug on the watch.) And the polarity of the little plug is also wrong. It works, but I have since moved to Garmin. I still have 2 batteries you can have. (One to stuff up and one to make work.) I'm in Bloemfontein.
  12. Taun Bewsher, Seems like alot of people pay you for an adventure and then the adventure starts of trying to correspond or getting their money back?
  13. The cyclists are riding single file. Did Pops take the pic while driving behind them and stomping his hoof on the air horn? Pops should not take pictures while he's driving, its against the law and putting lives in danger. Did Pops get out of his vehicle and positioned his phone and goggles within an arms reach of the rider or did the fat rider chase him down and pulled him from the vehicle? I think pops played a stupid game and won a stupid pize.
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