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  1. Sportopia Cycles? https://sportopiacycles.com/pages/contact-us
  2. Sportopia Cycles? https://sportopiacycles.com/pages/contact-us
  3. Deferred to 2022, just too much going on at the moment with work and life.
  4. lol I only got the memo about the calfs socks thing earlier this year. It might have to do with the Traithlete business too, One of the gripes about cycling to work was the cycling kit at the end of the day. It didn't always dry out properly!
  5. Hi, whereabout are these Higgovale trails? Closest street name?
  6. LMAO at the Commando comment, if you've not done commando at work you're not doing it right! I agree with the wash basin comment, you feel good after a cowboy splash. I would ask the cleaner to conveniently leave the mop in the toilet area just in case you splash alot. The one place I worked at was a 16km to and 18 - 22 km commute home depending on how I rode home. The toilets had to way to lock so I took a door wedge with me to work and locked it from the inside, those ******* were consfused for months as to why at a certain time of the morning it was locked! I miss commuting, would love to do it again.
  7. Didn't one for the first guys to finish Kona also do it in a "Jean pant"
  8. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt This is just insane! But if this should happen when roughly would you think of organising this?
  9. I started swimming about a month and a half ago and then Squirrel said gyms needed to close and I'm back to WFH so my whole routine was out.
  10. Hi All, I see there are now two dates on the website... 21 November 2021 / 3 April 2022. Me thinks it's probably going to move out again.
  11. There was a post on FB earlier today where the buyer said she bought this bike a few months ago and didn't know the true value of the bike. She now wants to get the bike back to it's righful owner.... I'm glad the dude got his bike back but I think he should ask questions as to where she bought it from etc
  12. That A45 looks the business with that bike on it. I tried out the roof rack mount once and didn't enjoy it, think I'll just put my bike on it one more time and drive around the neighbourhood to build confidence 🙂
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