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  1. sorry, I probably should have said software on the unit. The Training Center software is pretty cool. Havent heard about sport tracks. I'll give that a try sometime. I had some issues where the unit would not switch off, even after a reset. Then the GPS didnt pick up the satellites etc etc. BUT now that a total reload was done, it's behaving again I must say the guys in Cape Town are pretty good when it comes to service.
  2. I have the Garmin Edge 305. Nice to have and use. Bit painful when it comes to software and firmware updates. Just need to get a second cadence sensor for my new Orbea My Polar CS300 turned out to be a bit disappointing. I only use the HR monitor when I go to gym ... Icarus2008-09-03 05:26:16
  3. Highlight: Started cycling about a year ago - 1st Argus, 1st DC etc etc... ummm come to think of it cycling has been my highlight this year!!! Lowlight/Bummer of the year: Burger cycle race - had an accident, broke my collar bone and am banned from getting on the bike for 6 weeks!
  4. Icarus

    PPA seeding

    also went up 2 groups. Coolage!
  5. Cool compact couch The bike is a stunner as well!!
  6. Got quotes for the Solis frames '07 Scoria - R9140 Umbra - R8300 '06 Magma - R8000 Nitro - R7230
  7. OK, kill me, but tell us first! .... better be worth it!
  8. I'm confused .... if this was an intentional thing ... and by your comments it sounds like it was, why does your friend not lay a charge of homicide or attempted manslaughter against the driver? And maybe a charge of negligence against the police? Someone must k@k for this!
  9. Something's missing .... Oh yes! Where's the couch?
  10. Icarus

    Bib shorts

    Want me to give them some feedback? I'm going to the factory shop next weekend ... pm me if you want. Going home now ... g@tvol with work Icarus2007-09-21 07:58:57
  11. Icarus

    Bib shorts

    Agreed, they're my favourites as well time to get another pair! cant get mine out of the wash fast enough
  12. Icarus

    Bib shorts

    I dont want to know what things looked like after a long ride!! I just spoke to Velotex ... it's yellow label stock. Nee dankie! (I'd rather go for 1st ascent or Cape Storm ... not Assos but good enough )
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