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  1. I’ve seen both the purgatory and ground control at Lynnwood Cyclery on the shelfs recently splat. Regards, Thinus.
  2. Wow, completely missed that. Holy necropost, apologies and thanks for pointing it out Roul!
  3. We rode the flow track at Big Red Barn on route 2 this past Sunday, and almost at the end, a rinkals joins us on the trail. 100% sure of the ID, for as it flattened its hood at us and stood up, the white bands on the neck in the air was blatantly obvious. I’ll skip the flow track for a while after that incident. At least until my heart rate recovers.
  4. I expected that road to be very busy today, especially since Lynnwood Cyclery Club had the hill climb challenge this morning at WTF from 06:00-11:00. Odd that they would attempt it with so many people around.
  5. I may have missed it, but does anyone know what the definition is of ‘vigorous exercise’? Is there a defined standard?
  6. I’ve found this chart super helpful. I also found psi numbers easier to use than bars on my floor pump. https://www.cyclelab.com/the-ideal-mountain-bike-tyre-pressure Regards, Thinus.
  7. Good morning. Looking for a trail in Pretoria to ride during wet weather. Trail recommendations based on soil type and drainage conducive to wet weather is much appreciate. Where do you ride when it rains?
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