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  1. I think Mr Bradley does a great job for MTB.
  2. Tooooooo Faasstt.....
  3. What about Stuart O'Grady and Baden Cooke?
  4. Road, Track, mountain bike or tandem?
  5. I would think so but hey, my guess is as good as yours...
  6. And then there were power meters... now you can link your threshold to power...
  7. It's a good course, very technical, not much time to get any rythym as such.
  8. I think that's 1 more to go
  9. But are they sacrificing stiffness for weight.....
  10. It's always sad to hear stories such as this. My condolances to the family.
  11. "It's not about the energy drink" It's all in the mind.
  12. Rather spit, it's cycling, I'm sure people will get over it, and you don't want to restrict yor breathing or half choke on phlegm.
  13. Lets hope they don't test Kloden......
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