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  1. What was apparent about Semenuk's run was how smooth he made everything look and how seemlessly he moved form one section to the next. Not the most spectacular thing at first but it did look like he'd practised it 100s of times.
  2. The top spec bikes yes. The reputable brands have reintroduced 26" in the lower end of their ranges.
  3. Heck no. If you want to be seen as the coolest person around then sadly, yes. I myself ride a 26er (admittedly soon to be 26" rear wheel only) and I love it.
  4. I use Motol fork oil for motorcycle forks.
  5. This year's road gap was 21m, ignoring the vertical drop. Absolutely insane. Wish I had the skills to do that.
  6. Probably. If you watch Brage's Hardline run from this year it is easy to see why:
  7. This has to be the worst collection of photos I have seen so far. Not just one or two but all are out of focus. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/complete-groupsets/488109/complete-8spd-groupset-with-cable-disc-brakes
  8. Fair enough. Forks are incredibly expensive. I know, I just bought a 27.5 fork.
  9. Brage has such a unique style. I love watching him ride.
  10. I will report back later today. Perhaps they will redeem themselves.
  11. I agree with the stock figures having to be accurate. My biggest gripe though is the fact that they don't contact you. I waited an entire week - 5 working days before I phone them and at that point they had not responded to my email or phoned to let me know what was going on. I would have been happy with a simple phone call or email giving me an update. If you have trouble getting something that you said you had in stock then bloody hell just let the person know. I phoned 3 times today and every time someone else would contact me and give me feedback on something simple like tracking where their parcel is - keep in mind after 12 days they item is still not with them. I would give them an hour or more and then phone again. The 4th time I spoke to them was when Michelle phoned me back. Janos does not phone and neither does Naas. To date the only person that has phoned me is Michelle who I believe is on the admin side of the business. Apparently it was not delivered to them today because of an error on the side of the courier company. Who waits 8 working days for a supplier to deliver something before following up, especially if it was something that you had already sold, received the money for and was supposed to have in stock? Apologies for this rant but I will not ever order anything from them again and neither will I recommend them to anyone. On the contrary I will recommend people not use them.
  12. Nope. Specifically only ordered it because it was indicated as "In Stock" and not "Remote Warehouse". This is what makes it so frustrating.
  13. Might sounds silly but are you sure that you are bleeding the lever and it's matching caliper? I have once before had an interesting situation where I could not understand why my front lever would not bleed when I had the other syringe connected to the rear caliper. 🤪
  14. Yep I suspect the same thing. Just letting me know what is going on would have been great but up to now I have had to phone and my email asking about it has gone unanswered. The item has also since changed to "Out of Stock"
  15. I placed the order on 01/10/2021. Janos said on Friday that I would have it by the latest this morning. Spoke to Michelle yesterday and today and she has tried to be as helpful as she could but they have not even received it yet after which they still have to send it here.
  16. Has anyone ordered something from them recently and have your lead times been accurate at all? I generally try not to but I am about to lose my **** with them.
  17. The holes are not perfectly round but are slightly slotted to fit both.
  18. Can I ask why you want to upgrade the drivetrain? Are you experiencing issues with it or do you just want to move to something better? If your bike is still the same spec as in the link I'd much rather spend money on upgrading the fork if I were you. Not helpful to your questions but thought I would put it out there. I don't do long marathon ride but I run a 1x9 and I am perfectly happy with it. Will move to 1x11 when the parts wear out.
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