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  1. Hi everyone. I am looking for a set of 7 speed shifters, just the rear if the front is not available. A 7 speed rear derailleur as well. Trying to help out my garden guy, what a state his bike is in. Happy to pay Thanks.
  2. Hi I have this remote from my 2014 Spark RC, which I am not going to use. You're welcome to it.
  3. Those Northshore grips look great. Does anyone know who has stock of these or the ODI Rogues in the JHB/Centurion area?
  4. My Cannondale CAAD 10. Had this for a while now, and started riding again (both road and MTB). Starting to show this thing some love again, and just changed the seat to a Specialized Phenom after my bike fitting last week....considering I am nowhere near a racing snake....so no more Fizik Arione.
  5. Read through all this. Its amazing how a distributor can destroy a brands rep.
  6. My first emporers. Got a puncture out the parking lot. Changed tube with the same issue - something sharp in the tire I guess. Ended up riding at the end of the 98km groups and got forced into the 40km route by a marshal. Will try again next year I guess. Road cycling is going to take some getting used to. No tubeless for now [emoji17]
  7. Makes me think of the nishiki and haro bikes in the shops when I was little. All looked the same except for the decals
  8. My screaming happened last weekend - greased it up and seems to be good. Was an easy job by the way. Thanks for pointing out the hubdoctor kit - looks like a winner.
  9. Contact rush sports once you know the size.
  10. Been in India for a month...thanks for this, back on the bike this weekend when I get back
  11. Its a nice to have. Had the pleasure of using a test device from work a few months back. I would rather invest in a garmin or suunto because of A. Battery life is terrible B. No gps built in.
  12. Peewee1

    The I-Team

    Wish I had seen this earlier. Motivation at its best. Won't manage your guys pace this year, starting at 735. Hoping to join the I-team next year. Good luck to you all.
  13. All to motivate me to do the race tmw. Thomson post very long, contemplating cutting it...don't have the heart.
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