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  1. Afraid I'm a death grip or Rev grip kind of guy... And my hacksaw skills are much to be desired ... always end up with ugly cut up lock-ins with the gripshift ...
  2. The service I got has been fantastic ... they are my first stop now. Yes, there are stock issues ....but that's worldwide. if they don't have it I look elsewhere...but not after checking them out first.
  3. If the service is good... and they not ripping me off every time I walk in there ...ill happy keep the sticker on.
  4. Loved grip Shift , But could never find any grips that work well with them, and they don't play that well with Shimano brakes as i find the lever to short. Had them on all my bikes for many years ....
  5. Van_Gaalens is a fun day out, can be rather demanding depending on the route but nothing too technical. great venue and trails
  6. Cycle Lab riders don't patch tubes..... they only use new ones
  7. It was done on purpose ... he was coming down the road...a white polo had started to pull across the road into the parking , saw him and stopped ... he came past and left a big spray of spit on her window... that where the other couple got some ... then he did the same thing to another car that was double parked next to the pizza shop down the road ... If you upset at cars stop and say something... don't go spiting on everyone
  8. Back to topic. I totally agree with the OP comments. As someone who lives in the cradle the Cycle Lab groups are leaving a bad taste in the mouths of most of the land owners there. Not to mention the amount of discarded road bike tubes I find in the bushes when we have been removing some of the invasive plants.
  9. I let the humming sound of my ID9 hubs do that for me .... Or the WirrrWirrr of my ebike motor ...
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