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  1. On my Medium Scalpel I use side cages which aren't too thick (between frame and cage where bottle slides) and can fit up to a 710ml bottle in the downtube. I then use a 500ml in the saddle tube cage. On a longer summer ride where there are no places to fill up I take a third bottle (710ml) in a cage attached to the back of the saddle post (as high as possible).
  2. Placed an order this week, standard shipping, being sent via DHL, expected Thursday so 7.5 days if SA customs doesn't hold it up. Just couldn't find stock of suitable gravel tyres in local bike shops (700x43c with slick center tread) and SA agents seemed to be out too.
  3. My guess on the reasoning for this is pedals with electronics in them likely won't be as robust as non-power-meter pedals and MTB pedals tend to get bashed on rocks etc. Impressed my Shimano XT pedals have lasted so long. Been very happy with my Vector 3's but price and high risk of damage would make me hesitant on the SPD versions for MTB.
  4. Am thinking of getting one of these, supporting local. Two sizes sml (18cmx10cm) and large (21cmx13cm). The price is R450 for fabric and R550 for leather including delivery. Not sure on the volume though in litres: www.instagram.com/mango_time_bags
  5. Could imagine something like this could eventually be used for race timing if it had the mass tracking software to support it and is accurate to the line (bluetooth/wifi). No need for expensive start and finish line gear or a power source at those points.
  6. In my view you would need to attract the riders 1) to the parking and from the parking 2) to the shop after a ride. The riding options and safe parking get us to the parking whilst the shop offering or a discount such as get your parking fee off a meal at the shop can maybe get us into the shop. As others have said, Coffee needs to be good. Offer breakfast & a cappuccino deal, even if its once a month. Or a seventh-heaven deal whereby you get your 7th cappuccino free.Perhaps if people knew a trail route through from your place to Northern Farms and/or to the Cradle loop then they would consider starting from there for variety or a bit more mileage.
  7. The Revelate Pika and Topeak Backloader bags have served their purpose for me for overnighters. Best is to limit your packing space so you can travel light and keep it as simple as possible. Pack everything firm, eliminating movement.
  8. Post revive... There's a 180km water/hydro bike challenge from Corsica to Monaco, relay teams of 4.
  9. Thank you so much! Wow. That resolved it and was so easy too. I'll be paying more attention to fine-tuning these settings as I get more data.
  10. I've been following the 'Fitness' graphs for my activities and finding the fatigue vs fitness lines very interesting & useful. My road bike and indoor trainer have power meters but my MTB does not. Saturday I did a longish MTB ride which barely features in terms of fatigue, yet it took more of a toll than Thursdays. If compared to my Thursday morning road ride which had a lower ave heart rate plus duration was less than half that of Saturdays, Saturdays activity should be a sizable bump in my fatigue. Ofcourse the best way to rectify this in future would be to equip the MTB with a power meter but is there a way for me to manually (or otherwise) compensate/correct the activity so that the impact on the overall graph can be more accurate? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  11. Sad to hear of Delta Park now falling victim too. Delta Park should be a lot easier to secure than the stretched-out Spruit. But would no doubt be a cost of some sorts.
  12. Hi JBR, I'm 175cm's, Had a medium VIpa XT and have been riding a Medium 2017 Scalpel since um, 2017. Prefer the Scalpels Medium to the VIpa Medium. The VIpa almost felt on the small side in terms of handling but was comfortable and was the right size for me. The Scalpel just has a much more playful feel to it and feels like it fits me better.
  13. I found Louis Garneau MTB shoes to be wider and more comfortable than other more expensive brands I've owned.
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