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  1. Hi Guys, Some advice please. I use my HR monitor and my GARMIN 1030 to record all my cycling activities including the Vitality requirements. I have an Apple Watch which I don't use for recording any activities but am going away for a week and need to keep my Vitality sweat payments up to pay for the watch. My question is - how do I use the watch to upload activities to Vitality in place of my usual Garmin? Much obliged and TIA
  2. Now 3:30 = Looks like a huge oopsy
  3. Hello All, I have been hearing good reviews on the Wahoo Bolt but some reservations on the maps for navigation, specifically for mtb use. Any reviews and experience? TIA
  4. I haven't tried Rouvy yet but did try Fulgaz, which i think is similar, in that it has great actual graphics of some amazing rides and locations, if that is what you looking for. I went back to Zwift for two main reasons, the ability to ride with others (including realistic draughting etc) and the ability to participate in races with real live cyclists. Certainly one of the best ways of stretching yourself to the absolute limit.
  5. I was getting quite excited about the possibility of seeing a custom made Zwift route until I realized it's just the workout and not the actual route 🙄
  6. Am I reading the website correctly? It seems the WC EVO has the XX1 over X01 and titanium seat rails and possibly a different front rotor?
  7. They'll be able to advertise it as the most anticipated bike ever!!! 😆
  8. It will depend on which wheels the 2022 is fitted with. The one piece carbon wheels on the 2021 SL are circa R60K on their own.
  9. Any idea where the 3D printed housings mentioned in GPLama's video can be procured locally?
  10. I thought I'd find the answers to my questions here but doesn't appear so... I am considering taking up the Apple Watch option from Vitality. All my current info comes from my Garmin to Discovery/Vitality. Will this info have to come from the Apple Watch? Then it seems that Vitality say they will adjust your goals as you go along - does that mean the existing goals and achievements (to qualify for the watch) are changed along the way - ie I understand they want us to increase our goals - if you already doing a full cycling program, that wouldn't be possible? TIA
  11. Guys, While we have all you wheel and tyre boffins attention... Please tell me how much and how often to top up Stans sealant? (All things being equal) Appreciate all the brains trusts we have at our disposal on The Hub
  12. It can be a pain getting going in the early stage. Persevere and you will get there - it is worth it. I am trying Fulgaz out at the moment and it also has its issues but you do get over them eventually. Good luck.
  13. Fantastic that Cliffie got off lightly from this one. It's mentioned previously, that the corner "tightens up". That is the key to most people overcooking a corner, no matter the vehicle.
  14. Thanks for that DD You’ve inspired me to order another one for my XTR shod bike. (Even got a better deal) Hope to have it in hand and installed before our trip to Clarens next weekend. ????????????
  15. I also have a dodgy Bike Addict experience. My advice is "Buyer Beware!!!"
  16. Thanks JBR, Are you not lining up with the pulley axle centre as per the supplied tool?
  17. Thanks Mate, There was some discussion about using the correct chain, which is the only part that comes into contact with the AXS other than the bolted connection (I think)
  18. Such a pretty sound. Now I am considering getting one for my Shimano XTR machine - just not entirely sure if it will definitely be compatible???
  19. I didn't do it at the 30% sag - good point though it seems to be working well (must the B screw be set while at 30%?) I used the provided tool.
  20. Spent the whole of Easter sunday installing The physical installation wasn't so bad actually but when it came to the set-up and adjustment I really struggled. The main issue was the middle jockey wheel clashing with the 2nd biggest cog on the cassette.(I fitted a new chain which I lengthened by 2 links to accommodate a previously fitted bigger chainring. Couldn't seem to avoid the clash despite wearing YouTube out!!! Eventually opted to refit the original shorter chain which worked but left me with indexing problems only to discover that I needed to re-adjust the B screw. After that and some minor indexing she worked and I had to set about placating Mommy. Did an 80km ride to Northern Farms with our mtb group and the AXS performed like a steam train - not a beat missed - just have some minor cockpit adjustments to be made and I set to enjoy. PS I also installed the new Rocker paddle. Highly recommended!!
  21. Mine arrived today ..... Any tips for a novice bike mechanic?
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