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    I am guessing still no news from HAtoere. I emailed them as well but no response.
  2. So the good news is that the SRB course is still completely rideable, as challenging as it is...it is excellent training to improve climbing and fight your inner cycling demons. The road surface is still in great condition and not having to worry about traffic from behind is absolute bliss! All in all it's still a great cycling experience. Here are some other things I noticed and agreed to most of the feedback already mentioned in the comments above: The place does get more packed on Saturdays, mostly hikers, so best to arrive early (they really do open at 6am) or budget about 15-30minutes for the queue at the gate (entry traffic and the COVID screening). They no longer accept cash. Payment is strictly CARD only. 😮But where have all the animals gone? didn't even see or hear any monkeys or zebras on the entire full loop. There is evidence that they are still around though because of all the hard poop on the road. But guess they hide away during the day coz of all the noise from more hikers on the trails. Unfortunately, the maintenance is still in shambles . . . Working toilets are at the Reception building (pretty clean I must say). The toilets at Kareenkloof gate entrance also still work, which was a bit of a relief. Water is still an issue because their pumps don't work. So make sure to carry enough water (and extra water for afterwards). Bringing your own toilet paper is also a good idea. Unfortunately the Holhoek picnic spot is closed (about 2 years now if not longer). The Kareenkloof pool area is also still cordoned off (must be close to 15yrs now if not longer). Their museum looks to be still working . . . saw a guard manning the entrance. The chalets are apparently no longer being operated, not sure for how long . . .must be because of the water issue (and probably lack of maintenance). For braaing, the best place is the picnic and kids play area, next to the main parking area.
  3. @Dexter-morgan Thanks for the feedback, very helpful indeed!!! I tried calling their number, but no answer (i was really holding my breath). Guess will see when we get there. Will post an updated here.
  4. Thanks @Frosty. Will try calling them tomorrow as well.
  5. Planning a visit to SBR for a full loop ride with some friends. Last time I was there (pre-covid), the place was starting to really fall apart, due to lack of maintenance. The pubic toilets were closed. There were issues with the water supply/ pressure in some areas. The picnic area (@ no.7) was also closed. ANYONE BEEN THERE LATELY? PLEASE SHARE WHAT TO BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR for cycling purposes.
  6. That would mean your fitness has improved drastically! If performance hasn’t changed, but max HR has gone down. Seems more like a fitness fixer than a serious sickness. What was wrong if u don’t mind me asking.
  7. I am there... Driving Sunday early morning. Should be a fast race if you are in a medium to Large bunch. You definitely don't want to be alone in 2nd half of the race. Last year i started fading after the 70km mark and got dropped by 2 groups and had to work hard for the next 10km. Looking for a more consistent overall ride this time around....Can't wait to hear "Give me chocolate"
  8. Hi there fellow Hubbers I will be participating in my 4th Cycle for CANSA road race this year and the whole family and a couple of friends are eager to join in the fun after the finish and hit the valley of the waves afterwards for a few hours before heading back to the east rand. I already have a couple of vouchers from my mates who are heading straight home after the finish and looking for 9 more vouchers .... So would really appreciate anyone who is willing to give theirs away so we can save on the entrance fee. We can make arrangements for the Sunday, 26th August for collection after the road race. Please reply to the post, PM or Whatsapp me 0731682831 for arrangements after the race. Thanks!
  9. Hi there hubbers I have been off the saddle on a winter break, simply put, since the 100 Cycle Challenge (in early May) and looking to get back to it. So looking for a group or individual rider(s) to partner with for +/-30km (+/- 1hour) training rides during the week. Aiming to be done by 05h15. Please let me know if anyone is interested or know of groups who ride nearby the Carnival City area.
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