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  1. DHL express won't help you. DHL Paket is German postal service and has no link to DHL express. I spent almost 2 weeks emailing DHL locally and internationally and everytime the answer was "unfortunately we are unable to help you". They can't even use the tracking no. as it doesn't register on their system. You are in the hands of SAPO unfortunately.
  2. If only I knew DHL Paket was the German postal service. It's been 2 months wait for about R3000 worth of parts from bike24. Tracking all fine until it lands in SA. MIA for now. Been in touch with my local post office who have been very helpful, but can't seem to help with the SA tracking no. For now I've written it off. Blows my mind as to how absolutely useless the postal system is. I just presumed that the DHL option on payment was full courier service. Lesson learnt.
  3. I use Seabourne express, have done so for years. We use them at work so I have a good relationship with the one sales lady. PM me for her details if you want to use them.
  4. Guy at work has just been paid out slightly over 4 million for an accident his child was involved in and has perminant brain damage.. Took 9 years and a huge effort on his part. It's worth a try but don't bank on getting anything out.
  5. Mate of mine had his almost new Pyga Stage fully stripped and rebuilt to have a creak/click remain. Bike shop restriped and eventually found it was his KCNC cassette that was the cause. The housing of the top Gold portion was moving against the lower sprocket housing. Put the original Sram cassette back on and all sorted. I've never experienced a cassette being an issue, but now I know it can be.
  6. This brought a tear to my eye, I wish you all the very best and please keep us updated. Thoughts and prayers.
  7. Andy Harris AH Designs in Pinetown. He does all my work and does a fabulous job. I will PM you some images of bikes he's done for me.
  8. Its an Older Super, fork crown is flat, not sloped like later models. Please don't turn it into a single speed. If you want a single speed buy one dedicated to that, a bike like this needs careful attention and money to get back to something original.
  9. In all fairness, a C40 is a collectors item nowadays so stands to reason the prices will climb and the return on investment over time is favorable. Few of the top end mountain bikes that cost 200k will ever become collectible, so return on investment is not great. Hence the reason I only spend money on "collectable" bikes, have yet to loose on one yet.
  10. If you only have an Allen key hex on the pedal shaft then maybe try taking the crank off and holding the Allen key in a vice and using the crank arm itself as leverage to get the pedal off. Obviously making sure you are turning in the correct direction. The crank arm should be longer than your Allen key and you can get a better hold on it. Once you do get the pedal off, make sure to apply some copper slip or anti seize paste to threads. Makes life a whole lot easier going forward.
  11. Extremely unusual for an Aluminum Cannondale. I have a CAAD 3 and have had many Cannondale frames over the years, never seen something like this. Looks like either a workshop stand of bike rack. Fairly low stress area, but not ideal to ride regardless. It does look like a crack though. Problem is repairing aluminum is not easy and often not very successful. Before thinking about buying a new frame, you could remove the paint in that area and do a crack penetration test. That will definitely show if it's a crack. If it isn't one, then you can get that area repainted by a decent paint guy... A l
  12. Why not get them shortened a bit? I'm sure someone with a sewing machine could do with a few Bob right now.
  13. I use Fox Ranger shorts. Not too baggie and waist has adjustment, so you can tweek for comfort. I have 3 pairs, it's all I use to mountain bike in. Perfect for long ride and sort rides with my kids.
  14. At 6 foot 3" I have the same issues. All the bikes I ride are XL. Inseam and arm length play a part in frame sizing. I have a 91cm inseam which is slightly out of normal proportions (long legs and arms, shorter torso), so I prefer 61cm Center to Center (traditional measurements, or XL). Bikes that size are pretty difficult to find. But maybe something like this is what you are after. Not sure of your budget, but this frame is pretty good. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/399850/scott-expert-61cm-bm4082-make-us-an-offer Or go classic steel and get this https://bikehub.co.
  15. Out of those 2 options I would go with the Cannondale, but that's personal preference. Both are good bikes. Giant has probably the best warranty and back up in SA, but the Propel is an extremely rigid Aero frame. So comfort wont be as good as you first 2 options. The Giant TCR would be a better option IMO For what you want the bike for why not look for a Cannondale CAAD 12 Aluminium frame, but certainly the best in its segment and as good if not better than most carbon frames. Buying used will always have its risks and frame warranty normally doesn't apply to the second owner. There ar
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