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  1. Bogus is good if you like freehand "art". I bought an Eddy Merckx that he had painted in 7 Eleven colours and it was not anything I would have been happy to ride. He just didn't have the finesse that's someone like Jared has. Maybe that's changed, I haven't seen any of Bogus's recent work. If Jared is good to paint Dave Mercer's bikes then I think he's good to paint anyone's. Just my opinion of course
  2. My brother in law and I have just come back from France and Belgium, he used an Evoc bag and I used a Thule rigid box. My bike weighs 7.6kg and once in the Thule box it all weighed 22kg. Emirates give you 23kg so I was close. His bike in the Evoc bag came in at 19kg. I would say if you want to take a MTB on your travels then a soft bag is the only way to go. We only travel with road/gravel bikes so I'm happy with the Thule box.
  3. Buy a freebody service kit from Hubdoctor and all you Mavic problems will be solved. Common issue with Mavic wheels over the past few years.
  4. I think it has to do with Amashova always being affiliated with CSA (SACF back in the day) and it being classed as a "Classic". CTCT (Argus) was a Pedal Power event in the early years which wasn't recognized by the federation/governing body. I may be wrong though.
  5. Would a SRAM 12 speed cassette not work with your Dura-Ace? My understanding is SRAM and Shimano are compatible.
  6. Took my Level TL's off my Anthem to put on a bike for my son and replaced them with Shimano SLX. Totally different feel, but I feel so much more confident in them, good initial grab and then you can modulate accordingly. Don't miss the Level's at all. Mineral oil also means you don't get that terrible brake fluid eating way at the lever components.
  7. This one- Freuler Geometry perfect to keep frame stiff while allowing high seat post and stem height. https://forums.thepaceline.net/showthread.php?t=135277
  8. I use red grape juice 50/50 with water and a pinch of salt. Salt takes the sweetness away as well as allowing the stomach to digest a bit faster.
  9. Aerodyne was also involved in Chris Boardmans hour record breaking Lotus frame back in the day. Edit: They made the road TT bikes, not sure how involved they were in the hour bike, but they made Lotus frames.
  10. So some good news for me after nearly 3 month, my local post office has my parcel. I will collect over the weekend. I know most of us knock and dislike the SAPO but the people at my local office have been super helpful. They have been in contact with me weekly and called earlier this week to say it has arrived. Would I buy again using DHL Paket, no, its just too stressful when spending rather large amounts of money not knowing if it will arrive or not. But I'm glad I have my parts.
  11. Revu did my Oakley square wires, they had my frames a little longer because they weren't their standard ones they do. I asked specifically for Non polorizes lenses and they made them specifically for me. I'm super happy with the result, will recommend them anytime.
  12. DHL express won't help you. DHL Paket is German postal service and has no link to DHL express. I spent almost 2 weeks emailing DHL locally and internationally and everytime the answer was "unfortunately we are unable to help you". They can't even use the tracking no. as it doesn't register on their system. You are in the hands of SAPO unfortunately.
  13. If only I knew DHL Paket was the German postal service. It's been 2 months wait for about R3000 worth of parts from bike24. Tracking all fine until it lands in SA. MIA for now. Been in touch with my local post office who have been very helpful, but can't seem to help with the SA tracking no. For now I've written it off. Blows my mind as to how absolutely useless the postal system is. I just presumed that the DHL option on payment was full courier service. Lesson learnt.
  14. I use Seabourne express, have done so for years. We use them at work so I have a good relationship with the one sales lady. PM me for her details if you want to use them.
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