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  1. I also have cracked frames welded and then keep on riding them until they crack again. More recently my Rapide rim started cracking, they are sending a replacement once stock is available. Until then I just keep riding it while it cracks even further. Gotta get that value for money.
  2. It works for cycling shoes too. These had cleats but I know use them on flat pedals.
  3. Very good maintenance done over the past week, happy to have been out there today.
  4. This guy on a gravel bike out rode me in the sand today - serious skills right there.
  5. I was fortunate in that my dad (Vlottenburg Farm) is in a partnership with the farmer who's land I used to access Devon Valley so he knew about me. I actually first started using that route in 2013 when I was working at Woodmill and rode home that way. I am aware of the bypass road plans but seeing as this has been planned for at least a decade now I am also not sure when it will happen. It would be cool if Kanu or Beyerskloof have a road that could be used to get to Devon valley from this side. Most of the farms between the R304 and R44 are friendly towards mountain bikers and I have met the land owners a few times when I ride there after work.
  6. Had a blast out there today, thanks for the zippy alternative Ribbok, I like it. Previously I was able to get to Devonvalley by going up the hill straight across from the Welgevonden traffic lights on the R304. However that is no longer and option. It would be really cool if an alternative route up to Devon valley from the R304 was available via Louisenhof/Kanu/Beyerskloof. This is how I now access Bottelary Hills.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, will do
  8. Thanks for the update, so do we just stick to the jeep track and take it to the top before heading right down to the Zevenwag split? Just to recap, is that all one single game farm and what's the name of it again?
  9. With Ribbok dead, when are we loosing Rooikat?
  10. Hey, the sunrises somewhere every second of the day. Sometimes even when I lift my bum off the saddle
  11. Load shedding hit and the fool I was ventured out into the heat and wind....
  12. Miles from nowhere, not a soul in sight, windy, hot, sandy - perfect.
  13. I rode this about 10kg heavier than I did last years 80km. If I had to do that this past weekend I would not make it. This was your classic DBX challenge, but adapted to 2020 in way more than one way.
  14. Wow, what an awesome event as always The added precautions in place for compliance did not take away anything from how good this event has become known to be. When I entered I chose 10am as my start time however in the week I was informed all start times after 9:30 can start at 9:30. I guess there are not a lot riders that like their rides to span noon like I do. Arriving at 8:30 we (my dad did the 20km) registered and were told we can start whenever we like, just follow the markings. The event is self timed and the markings were excellent as usual. Unlike previous years the water points had water, and nothing else - no biggie. Being an overcast day the conditions were perfect and I could finish the entire 61km with my two bottles in just under 4 hours. Wind was strong at times but did not pose any problems. Riders on the long route were treated to some extra single track that was very scenic followed by one of the steepest downhills I rode in a long while. Loved it! Thanks to Darling Brew for pulling this off. The format works very well for those of us not interested in racing but instead looking for a fun ride packing a bit of a challenge.
  15. All I want is the new Ryzen 7 APU.... In the meanwhile
  16. I did notice some new berms on Mongoose and other single tracks, lots of maintenance happened the past month, however they are still a bit dry and in need of rain. Had a lovely ride yesterday, took some nice pics and I found the tap at Goede Hoop! Just in time since the one at Kaapzicth was dry.
  17. I did "save" mine too with a weld but it only gave me 2000km extra. It was by luck that I saw that new (warranty claim) frame for sale in the classified section at an awesome price. The rest is history.
  18. Die chainstay het eerste gegaan en ek het nog 8km met dit so flappy-flappy huis toe gery maar toe ek die wiel try uit haal om die fiets te strip toe breek die hele driehoek af. So ek moet seker bly wees ek was nie 9km van die huis af nie
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