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  1. Yip, he created a gap where there was not one, he is desprate for some points and made a split second decision to go for it. Natural instinct dor these guys. Correct decision made though to relegate him
  2. Im not saying they are not doing well, im just saying that is what it feels like. Its not the first time someone from the team is passed like that. Just feeling gutted for them
  3. It feels like NTT is the specialist in starting a sprint to early...
  4. Hi Everyone We've moved back to GP just before the lockdown so there was not really an opportunity to go out and find group rides in the area. I've obviously googled a few places, but i would just like to hear from the folks here if there is any active riding groups atm that they would recommend.
  5. anyone here on discovery life that can confirm that they actually deliver on what they promise. i had a chat with someone that caused my spidey senses to tingle with the promises he made. I am already on their medical aid, vitality on diamond.
  6. No activity also pulled through from Friday. Today however i cant log in to discovery, use discovery miles or anything
  7. I do not think that a guy that runs 100 milers uses Discovery as a motivation and also does not struggle to achieve the weekly/yearly maximum goals. So even if they give him more points, what is it exactly that he will achieve? I do not think that they believe that, i think it is based on something that says you will be healthier if you do at least 30min of exercise 3 times a week. JohnB is a fitter guy but that does not make him healthier than JohnA. its the old thing that just because you are thin does not mean you are healthy or fit, or just beacuse you are fit does not mean you are healthy or thin, etc. Ideally you want to be all three. i would think that this is just to give people the incentive to get off their bum and at least do something.
  8. its the same as the old system where there weren't diamonds on the board week in week out. completely random i guess
  9. She will come around soon enough. I went with the apologize later rather than ask for permission approach about 2 years ago. Now a days she is the one getting cranky if i forgot to order the new bag of beans in time and critiques my coffee every morning.
  10. The discovery credit card at this stage only gives you discovery miles, am i right? All the added discounts on top of flight discounts etc. fell away?
  11. Location location i guess. I’ve always received mine that same afternoon with dischem
  12. provisional: 1. Egan Bernal 2. Simon Yates, at 5’’ 3. Warren Barguil, at 41’’ 4. Laurens De Plus, at 50’’ 5. Steven Kruijswijk, 6. Geraint Thomas, 7. Emanuel Buchmann, 8. Vincenzo Nibali, all st 9. Richie Porte, at 1’18’’ 10. Gregor Mühlberger, st 11. Wout Poels, at 1’50’’ 12. Damiano Caruso 13. Alejandro Valverde, all st 14. Julian Alaphilippe, at 2’07’’ 15. Rigoberto Uran, at 2’30’’
  13. yes maybe...dont think the stop and resume would have been more fair. i think they made the right decision, just a bit earlier would have been appreciated by the teams. But like you said, we dont know at what time this actually happened
  14. Think the guys at the back is even happier though
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