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  1. Got a busted hip, so wont be joining races for the next few weeks......
  2. Hi. Is there going to be any amendment to your policy, or are the voices that have been heard going to matter? Yes i know it is not a majority of people voicing an opinion here, but still there seems to be a general disagreement with your proposed policies. If people squabble, ban them from the thread .
  3. I also feel there is a bit of an authoritarian closing of topics that rub management up the wrong way, e.g. if you mention "comments in the classifieds section" anywhere other than its dedicated thread, they seems to go bye bye. The hub is about like minded members, with more than just an obsession about bikes only. Off topic Threads make me come back and keep a smile on my face. I find that is important these days. Hate speech etc must take a long walk on a short plank which is a very different issue.
  4. Need that extra large frame to hurry up......... 😎
  5. What? You mean feed the machine that is still trying to convince us the earth is round and Covid is real? #anyoneknowwherethecomicsansfeatureis
  6. LongDonkey

    947 Ride Joburg

    This dude https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/cranksets/466856/s-works-carbon-crank-complete-your-tarmac
  7. Rebuilding mine for my Boet as well.....
  8. This thread is like a rambling Trump tirade on Twitter. Alternative facts, unjustified indignace, random information thrown in that may or may not be a truth, moaning about people that have a different opinion, deny deny deny etc etc. But i must admit, even i am getting tired of CEMEH's waffling on and on.
  9. Come on guys, lets throw a pro bone to the OP here. Maybe start with a crowd fund to help him get a new bike on the road. I have a set of (mostly working) DUB crank bearings from a fixer upper i am busy with. Is there an address we can send the parts to?
  10. I had the same. I am 90% sure that it is because you did not reply to a click box from Uber (the company App itself) that said you must would wear the mask during the ride. It is a stupid little tick box that no one even sees. Check when your Uber has arrived that you check little tick boxes or pop ups from Uber. I complained to them and they said it was from Uber, not the driver. That is assuming that the response i got from Uber was legit........
  11. AAAAAAHHHH, the thread that keeps on giving. Gotta love the determination here by OP.
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