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  1. where can I get details on the spice route passport that every entrant receives upon entering this race?
  2. not riding related but rather running related. Are trail runners allowed on the trails? I'm having to dodge them just about every weekend and strangely enough I always seem to encounter them in the ST. Actually took a tumble on Sunday past on a down hill blind corner because I had to leave the single track to avoid the runner . The dude didn't even stop to see if I was ok. There are more and more runners on the trails these days which is very dangerous to say the least.
  3. oh my hat!!! is that Rouxinator???? what the hell is he doing so far from home????
  4. jassis, some of you okes seem to have your panties in a knot already. cabin fever already setting in a couple of days before lock-down. I fear for the peoples lives residing with some of you hubbers. I think domestic violence is going to escalate. They say, times like these, the bigger threat to human lives are people turning onto people rather than the virus itself. This thread has really proven that. I will follow lock-down rules, so if we are allowed to walk the dog, jog I will do just that in a responsible way. What I really want to know, are we allowed to cycle?
  5. Plenty of ticks at the moment. Rode there this weekend and had to stop several times to remove dozens of them at every given time. Hate those buggers.
  6. I managed to accidentally drop 2 gu gels, one empty gu wrapper and an energy shot without me even knowing. only realized once I tried to reach for another gel that all was lost. hands were too numb to even feel me losing my load. maybe this was the case for many droppings. I even saw sunglasses, gloves, wind vests, arm warmers, long sleeve cycling tops all over the place. the funny thing was that I took off with A batch and just over 100 cyclist finished ahead of me. I can well imagine what it looked like when the later batches passed.
  7. looks like nasty sticky grease preventing those pawls from rising.
  8. every1 struggles when they start cycling irrespective of gearing. you will get stronger and fitter. However, that ratio you running is tough especially for some1 starting out. If you go with the 34T upfront you will have lot's more granny than you currently have. I wouldn't go less than 32T upfront as you may find yourself popping unplanned wheelies going up steep climbs.
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